alert! The European Union has included the top of the fingertips in the list of ** dangerous toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-16
According to a report by French '20 Minutes' on March 13, a report released a few days ago showed that the European Union has included the most popular fingertip spinning top in French break-time activities in 2017 on the list of ** dangerous toys. On the 12th, the European Commission emphasized in its annual report the dangers associated with certain models of fingertip spinners and stated that the unexpected situation caused by some children swallowing broken parts of these toys or their button batteries is a cause for concern. The safety of the product is very concerned.   The above report explained that thanks to the rapid early warning system, dangerous fingertip top models have been seized or destroyed at borders or ports.   reported that in 2017, the product category that received the most safety warnings was toys (29%), followed by electric vehicles (20%), clothing, knitwear and fashion products (12%).  Keywords: Toys, Dangerous Toys, Fidget Spinners
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