Aircraft that can be photographed at high altitude-small toy helicopter

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

Nowadays, most people use mobile phones mainly for making calls, sending text messages or taking selfies. However, there are still many entertainment functions on the mobile phone that have not been developed, which is a pity. So now ExtremeFliers has upgraded its company's MicroDrone 2.0, which can be controlled by your smartphone.  MicroDrone2.0 uses UAB socket to charge. After being fully charged, take it to an outdoor venue large enough to ensure that it can perform flips, reconnaissance, and stunts. In addition, MicroDrone2.0 is also equipped with a camera, allowing you to capture the entire flight experience, that is, you can achieve the desire of high-altitude shooting. At this time, you can even sit down and browse the beautiful scenery around you. If you just use your smartphone to control it, you can play indoors.   And the remote control MicroDrone2.0 is often easy to operate. Its self-installed automatic recovery algorithm and sensor can immediately adjust it to a horizontal flight position, so even if it is turned upside down or thrown into the sky from any angle, it is as simple as throwing a frisbee without any worry. And it has another advantage, that is, it can fly steadily regardless of wind or no wind.   So regardless of wind or rain, users who want to take outdoor high-altitude shooting can use it with confidence.
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