After investigation, the toy does not release nickel in a gaseous state

by:Ennas      2021-12-08

Xinhuanet, Brussels, July 1st (Reporter Zhang Xiaoru) The European Commission announced on the 1st that it would cancel the nickel migration limit previously established for electric toys.   The European Commission pointed out that because nickel is carcinogenic only in the presence of inhalable gas, the new regulations will not affect the safety of nickel-containing toys.   In June 2009, the European Union promulgated the 'Toy Safety DirectiveThe amount of metal migration refers to the amount of a certain metal contained in a product that is transferred to certain media during use.   In September 2012, the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks under the European Commission issued a report stating that toys will not release nickel in a gaseous state, and even electric vehicle toys with severely impaired functions will not release “nickel gas”.
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