Academy professor statuettes show: in the 'tip of the finger readers' of art

by:Ennas      2021-09-17
Core tip: on October 12 (Reuters) - Beijing, hangzhou Reporter jakiro Wang Enmin intern) 20 years ago, the Chinese academy of professor xiu-qin li made a remarkable art show, this is called the tactile bump oct 12 (Reuters) - Beijing, hangzhou, Reporter jakiro Wang Enmin intern) 20 years ago, the Chinese academy of professor xiu-qin li made a remarkable art show, this is called 'the sense of touch, concave and convex' figurines, for the first time will be in the form of art the blind is brought into the palace of art, the 'fingertip readers read works with his fingers. ' 20 years later, 12, professor xiu-qin li held in hangzhou library again with the same name, looking for 20 years of life. Twenty years ago, on April 10, 1993, the Chinese academy of library to usher in a batch of special audience, they touch the braille on the wall with both hands, cuddle figurines, finger read China academy professor xiu-qin li figurines works now. 20 years later, 12, this batch of 'fingertips readers' came to hangzhou library, xiu-qin li held with 20 years ago with the same name in this small sculpture exhibition, at the beginning of the child has grown up, see their xiu-qin li a thrill. Twenty years later again touch xiu-qin li works of Chen liu Not his real name) Told reporters, 'this is a fantastic feeling, 20 years ago as a child, don't know much about the figurine, now have a different feeling. 'At the same time, Mr Liu was puzzled,' this is miss li this is the second time, she is for the sake of what? I asked her, she just laughed. 'Xiu-qin li revealed the starting point of the creation in the introduction: in July 1982, xiu-qin li to heilongjiang hegang for figurines, due to the north and south climate differences, suffered from severe rheumatic fever, affected eyes, was almost blind. Xiu-qin li told reporters that she felt desperate, 'I thought that can no longer create figurines, the artistic life of I haven't started to the end. 'Fortunately, eyes finally recovered. About this unusual experience brought xiu-qin li unique feeling, 'I didn't think a decade later, this be the beginning of my creation. 'At the end of 1992 in early 1993, with the help of the blind school teachers and students in zhejiang, xiu-qin li wrote 15 pieces, with braille' contact 'as modelling element, to decompose, amplification, and' the sense of touch, bump 'was born. After 20 years of the same small sculpture exhibition, in subject and sense again got the sublimation. Hangzhou librarian to disappear tree green said, 'the little statue art focused on the blind is marginalized artistic risk, but conscience makes xiu-qin li to explain the special populations in this way the spirit of the world. 'Mr Li, vice President of China Disabled Persons' Federation' visit 'after the exhibition with the hand, smiled and said it was a rare' see ', 'morph into these works, I use braille convex concave, pressure and tension of art forms to show the special charm of art, this is I've never met before, is a rare' see '. 'After three days is the international day for the blind, 30 reported that zhejiang province has 311. 42 of 80000 people with disabilities, including visual disability. 30000 people. Zhejiang province disabled person welfare foundation director xiao-fei Chen told reporters, 'the blind in learning, living, employment and so on various aspects have is hard to imagine the difficulty of many ordinary people, but the blind friend demand for spiritual and cultural life has been improved. '' xiu-qin li the specifically for the blind to exhibit is filled with love and powerful, for visually impaired people can sense the figurine art beauty, also gives ordinary visitors a new artistic experience. 'Xiao-fei Chen said. ( the
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