A typical case of successful play-enterprise cooperation cooperation model

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

In foreign countries, it is not uncommon for players in the industry to join forces, across categories and even across industries, and the cooperation model is not limited to the development of toy products. Today, Alpha and Hasbro have joined forces to expand the market, Chinese culture and British Merlin build Legoland, and there will be more and more Sino-foreign cooperation in the future. Below, 'Chinese and Foreign Toy Manufacturing' magazine shares a few typical cases with readers. The most common: joint development of new products    cooperation between play companies and animation companies, and the development of related derivative products is the most common mode of cooperation in the industry. Many companies have cooperated with Disney to develop a large number of animation authorized toy products is the most common example. In fact, in addition to animation companies, there are more options, such as sports events or entertainment companies.   Recently, Mattel has teamed up with the sports entertainment media company World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. to develop products such as American wrestling stars movable dolls and wrestling scene sets. Players can create a unique wrestling star by changing body parts and equipment. Since wrestling is a sports and entertainment project with a lot of fans in the United States Sports and entertainment), so suitable for all ages, and has a certain collection value.   Different from animation derivative toys, products related to sports and entertainment cover a wider fan base. The most successful: Film and television drives the sales of existing products. The most common way to combine film and television with toys is to first popularize a work, and then develop derivative products based on the film and television work. But there are toy companies, but they do the opposite. They first have toys, and then in order to promote the toys, they use cartoons and movies to increase the popularity and sales of the toys. Among them, the most famous examples are the 'Transformers' which has been popular all over the world for 30 years and the 'Rainbow Pony' which was so popular last year.   The above two series of toys are the cooperation between Hasbro and animation companies and film companies. Based on its original toy products, through film and television works, the products are given a vivid personality and soul. The success of this model and the influence of film and television works are so great that people think that toys are derived from animation or movies. Of course, Hasbro has also made a lot of money. This kind of cooperation model has also been used thoroughly by Lego. Last year, Lego and Warner Bros. co-launched 'The Lego Movie' and it was even more popular and popular. It is not an exaggeration to be called the 'Long Long Lego Commercial'. Decided to start filming a sequel. The most visionary: the establishment of a research center  Of course, the above two models are still only at the level of specific products. Lego, on the other hand, takes a long-term view and extends its involvement to the academic world, which is the level of children's play research.  According to a report in TheReporter, the Oxford University journal, Lego cooperated with the University of Oxford to establish the Lego Research Center, and set up a new post of'Lego Professor' on campus, leading a research team to study the role of play in education, personal development and learning. Behind this cooperation is that Lego finds more positive scientific theoretical support for its products in order to attract more parents and a larger group of adults to buy Lego bricks, and this time with the backing of Oxford University, it will undoubtedly make Lego received more authoritative theoretical support.   In order to promote the brand, Lego fights, but the gain is also huge. This has undoubtedly established a trustworthy brand image in the minds of consumers.
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