A total of 24 toy products were recalled by the EU Rapex system: toys with water-absorbing swelling materials were swallowed or suffocated by mistake

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
The risks of children's toys need to be paid attention to. Recently, many kinds of toys have been randomly detected in the market and have been recalled. Of course, these toys not only appear in the domestic market, but are also being recalled internationally. In May 2021, the EU Rapex system recalled 24 toy products, 22 of which were produced in China. It should be noted that there are 2 cases of toy products where the size of the expanding material will increase by more than 50% when the toy enters water this month. The risk of this recall is that children may accidentally eat the water-absorbing expandable toy. As the toy expands, it It may lead to fatal risk of obstruction of the respiratory tract or intestinal obstruction of children. A summary of product recalls is shown in Table 1. ˙The United States recalled 1 case of toys this month, produced in Mainland China˙Canada recalled 3 cases of toys this month, produced in Mainland China˙Australia recalled 3 cases of toys, the place of origin is unknown Source: China Testing Light Industry and Toys
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