A thief suspected of being obsessed with 'Lego bricks' recently appeared in Australia

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

According to reports, a thief suspected of being obsessed with 'Lego bricks' has appeared in Australia recently. The thief went to the toy store twice within a week and stole a large number of Lego toys.   According to reports, the Lego theft occurred in Melbourne, Australia. The local police recently received a report from a toy store in the city, stating that a group of Lego toys had been stolen by thieves.   What the police did not expect was that four days later, the same toy store was ransacked again by thieves, and only Lego toys were stolen. Two thefts cost the toy store tens of thousands of dollars.   The police claimed that the thief only targeted Lego toys, and the stolen Lego toys belonged to the 'city' and 'craft' theme series, so the thief may be a Lego fan.
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