A sofa tent combining furniture and toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

Recently, the Red Dot Design Award, known as the 'Oscar' in the design world, held an award ceremony. Four works designed by students from three universities in Ningbo stood out from nearly 5,000 entries around the world and won the Red Dot Design Award.   The 4 award-winning works are: outdoor water cups and sofa tents designed by the students of the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, special measuring tape designed by the students of Ningbo University of Science and Technology, and the gift packaging design of Qianmu rice paper designed by the students of Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University.   The Red Dot Design Award was founded by the German Design Association. It has a history of more than 50 years. It is the largest and most influential competition in the world's well-known design competitions and the international design award coveted by global design elites.  Outdoor water cup that keeps balance anytime, anywhere  The designer of the outdoor water cup is Wang Jiaxin. Its biggest feature is that it can maintain balance on any slope. The biggest difference between    outdoor water cup and ordinary water cup is that there is a composite cover containing a plastic ball under the outdoor water cup. The weight of the plastic ball and cover is very light, almost negligible, but the effect is great. With them, the cup can be placed on a bamboo pole, a pile of stones, or even on a slope with a 45-degree angle, and the cup can be balanced without sprinkling water.  Wang Jiaxin usually likes outdoor activities, and the design inspiration of the cup comes from this. 'I often encounter this problem when climbing mountains, camping and other outdoor activities. Many times there is no flat ground to put a water cup in the wild. So I thought of designing a water cup that can maintain balance on a pile of rocks, grass, or even a slope. , So that you can free your hands when drinking water and taking a nap outdoors.' Wang Jiaxin said.   'Another feature of this cup is that it does not require any adjustments. As long as it is placed on an uneven ground, the composite cover can automatically adjust the cup to a horizontal balance to ensure that there is no dripping.' Wang Jiaxin said. The sofa tent that combines furniture and toys    Another award-winning work is the sofa tent designed by Zeng Jiani, Sun Yuxiang, and Jiang Mengying.   Many children like to build their own small tents through chairs, tables, blankets, etc., and have their own small world. However, self-built small tents are sometimes not safe.   Starting from the perspective of safety and saving home space, the three students designed this sofa tent that combines furniture and toys under the guidance of teacher Shi Yiteng.   The design of this sofa is very creative and the steps are very simple. 'As you can see from the picture, as long as you turn the backrest of the sofa forward, remove the cushions, and pull up the curtains on both sides, the sofa instantly becomes a tent.' said Zeng Jiani, one of the designers.   'The sofa tent is triangular in shape, which is very stable and can ensure the safety of children. The sofa and tent are dual-purpose and also save home space.' Zeng Jiani said. Teacher Yiteng Shi introduced: “In many cases, products made in China are considered to be lack of creativity. In the area of u200bu200bindustrial design, students’ innovative ideas are needed. The ability to win the world’s highest design award is for us and even the younger generation of China’s creativity. These two award-winning works are very practical and close to the people. Some merchants have contacted us and want to cooperate in production. '   The tape measure that can increase the length of Ningbo University Science and Technology College students Chen Xinzu, Yu Keke, Shen Panpan and Wu Zhouying, The Tapeline Plus tape measure was designed to make the judges shine. Chen Xinzu, one of the designers of   , said that this design aims to bring connectivity to the original tape measure structure. When the length of the tape measure is not enough to use, another tape measure can be hooked in to increase the measurement length, which reduces the extra cost and indirectly reduces the consumption of plastic products. Shi Lei, the instructor of   , said that this tape measure is an interpretation of the green life concept of environmentally friendly consumption and eliminating waste.
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