A shipping company in Xiamen declares the import of toy boats and toy train models

by:Ennas      2021-12-04

Recently, a shipping company in Xiamen declared to Xiamen Dongdu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to import a batch of toy ships and toy train models, a total of 23 sets, valued at 1,741.78 US dollars. Confirmed by the on-site inspection personnel, the imported customized toy models did not have the compulsory product certification (3C certification) mark on the outer packaging, and the toy ship model in this batch of goods failed to provide the 'China National Compulsory Product Certification Certificate' '. This batch of goods is used by the company headquarters for internal employee rewards and gifts to company customers, not for domestic market sales. In view of the fact that this batch of toy models will eventually be assembled by users and may be used by children for playing, the inspectors will take samples for testing. The quality of this batch of toy models meets the requirements of my country's toy safety technical specifications, and all of them have obtained compulsory product certification. Certificate. The inspectors shall supervise and affix the compulsory product certification marks after confirming that their compulsory product certification certificates and related certification marks are true and valid. After the rectification is qualified, the company is allowed to use the toy model.
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