A remote control toy car that can go into the sky, into the ground, and into the sea is unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Fair

by:Ennas      2021-12-07

At the Tokyo Toy Fair held a few days ago, a remote-controlled toy car that can go into the sky, into the ground, and into the sea attracted the attention of many attendees. What should we call this remote-controlled toy car with sea, land and air? Earth Knight RC, or sea and air RC, land RC? On the booth of the Tokyo Toy Fair, this amphibious remote-controlled toy car hovered in the air, then landed steadily on the ground, and then soared over the water with the floating action of four wheels. Among them, the floating effect of the wheels can prevent the electronic components in the toy car from being in contact with water, and at the same time can ensure that the toy car can move freely on land. The propeller above the body is responsible for taking the remote control car to hover in the air. There have also been many remote control toys that are multi-dwelling by sea, land and air before, but most of them need to adjust the body shape during multi-dwelling conversion. The biggest feature of this land, sea and air remote control toy car is that it can directly perform multi-dwelling conversion without any adjustments to the body. This marine, land, and air remote control toy car weighs only 50 grams and relies on six AA batteries to provide power. The running time is about 30 minutes each time. It is expected that this remote-controlled toy car will be launched in the Japanese domestic market in October this year, priced at approximately US$91 (approximately RMB 570). So far, there is no definitive news about when this three-peripheral toy car will land in markets other than the local market. Let's wait and see.
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