where to get ultra balls in crystal

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Where to Get Ultra Balls in Crystal


Playing Pokémon Crystal can be an exciting adventure, but as you progress through the game, you may find yourself in need of more powerful Poké Balls to catch those elusive and tough Pokémon. Ultra Balls are a step up from Great Balls and provide a higher catch rate for those hard-to-catch Pokémon. In this article, we'll explore various places where you can acquire Ultra Balls in Pokémon Crystal.

1. Goldenrod Department Store

2. Celadon Department Store

3. Pryce's Gym

4. Safari Zone

5. Game Corner in Goldenrod City

Goldenrod Department Store

Located in Goldenrod City, the Goldenrod Department Store is home to a wide array of items and supplies for aspiring trainers. Here, you can find Ultra Balls among other useful items on the fourth floor. To reach it, take the elevator or use the stairs adjacent to the elevator. Make your way to the top floor, and you'll find the Poké Ball section. Ultra Balls can be purchased individually for 1200 Poké Dollars each. Stocking up on these powerful Poké Balls can greatly increase your chances of successfully catching those elusive Pokémon.

Celadon Department Store

Another place to acquire Ultra Balls in Pokémon Crystal is the Celadon Department Store, located in Celadon City. Similar to the Goldenrod Department Store, the Celadon Department Store offers a wide range of supplies and goods for trainers. On the fifth floor of this store, you'll find the Poké Ball section where Ultra Balls are sold for 1200 Poké Dollars each. Consider visiting the Celadon Department Store if you happen to pass through Celadon City, as it can be a convenient pit stop to strengthen your team and replenish your Poké Balls.

Pryce's Gym

Pryce's Gym, situated in Mahogany Town, is a unique place to acquire Ultra Balls in Pokémon Crystal. However, it requires some effort to reach this point in the game. To access Pryce's Gym, you must first navigate through the icy path in the Ice Path cave. Once you reach Mahogany Town and defeat the Team Rocket members infiltrating the town, you can challenge Pryce, the Gym Leader. If you manage to defeat him, you will be rewarded with the Glacier Badge, and you'll also receive ten Ultra Balls as a prize. This can be a fantastic opportunity to stock up on these powerful Poké Balls while progressing through your journey.

Safari Zone

The Safari Zone, located north of Cianwood City, is a unique area in Pokémon Crystal that offers a different method of catching Pokémon. Although you can't directly purchase Ultra Balls from the Safari Zone, you can obtain them as a prize by playing the Safari Game. By exchanging your Safari Balls for the park's currency, you can redeem your tokens for various items, including Ultra Balls. Make sure to explore the vast Safari Zone, encounter wild Pokémon, and collect Safari Balls to increase your chances of obtaining Ultra Balls.

Game Corner in Goldenrod City

If you're feeling lucky, the Game Corner in Goldenrod City is another place where you can acquire Ultra Balls in Pokémon Crystal. Located in the heart of Goldenrod City, the Game Corner is a popular spot for trainers looking to test their luck at various games. By playing the slot machines or exchanging your game coins at the counter, you can accumulate enough coins to purchase rare items such as Ultra Balls. Keep in mind that amassing a considerable number of game coins may take some time, so be prepared to spend some effort to obtain these valuable Poké Balls.


Ultra Balls are essential tools for any serious Pokémon trainer, allowing them to catch powerful and elusive Pokémon more easily. In Pokémon Crystal, these highly effective Poké Balls can be found at several locations, including department stores like the Goldenrod Department Store and Celadon Department Store. Additionally, you can earn Ultra Balls by defeating Pryce's Gym in Mahogany Town, explore the Safari Zone, or test your luck at the Game Corner in Goldenrod City. By knowing where to find and acquire these Ultra Balls, your journey through Pokémon Crystal will become even more enjoyable and successful.

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