A new human body measurements: a small statue of the Chinese new 'mold' _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-06
Core tip: 'inappropriate shoes, only the feet know. 'So the changes of the' foot ', who knows? Now our body than it was 20 years ago if you have any change? The most suitable for what kind of size? Recently by the Chinese standard 'shoes don't fit, only the feet know. 'So the changes of the' foot ', who knows? Now our body than it was 20 years ago if you have any change? The most suitable for what kind of size? Recently by the China standardization institute launched a new round of 'Chinese adults ergonomics based parameter survey' will answer these questions. This investigation is expected to last five years, will provide new 'mold' contemporary Chinese small sculpture. Grow fatter than ever compared to measure 230 anthropometric is 'use the method of measurement and observation to describe the physical features of the human condition'. In China from 1986 to 1988, the first national body dimension measurement, initially established a national body dimension based database, however, after 20 years old 'national standard' when dealing with the girls and boys who 'crazy' is too limited. The measuring objects of standardization of the human body is 18 - 75 - year - old Chinese adults, it could be divided into 6 large area, the national each region extraction 2 - Three points, is expected to take samples from more than 20000. Survey: 20 years, our country adults increased by 2 cm height, chest circumference increased by 5 cm. China standardization, a researcher at some ChuZhi told the author: 'the survey we adopt the most advanced 3 d body scanning technology, participants into the instrument, as long as the' scan ', can be in 10 seconds for the complete 1:1 3 d model of the human body. 'This technology not only make submillimeter accuracy measurement level, also more flexible. Classical ChuZhi added: 'we will all the 3 d model database, head for the first time if we only measured data, the second time we want to arm data, can be directly from the 3 d model library, in an measurement, it is artificial measurement impossible. 'In addition, this measure is a significant change index number up to 230, the Chinese sensitivity of muscle strength, visual acuity, sound and so on are included. Self-construal used three hundred and sixty lines for the people 'buy pants is often difficult to get fit, not thin waist's legs were too long, can only be bought again, laborious. 'Mr Zhang complain to the author. Because of the 'version' out of date, many of China's enterprises in making garment, such as size, shape of judgment by experience. 'Hundred flowers' size standards make when consumer is choosing clothes. Classical ChuZhi on in this paper, said: 'the Chinese proportions of different from foreigners, many enterprises want to tailor products for the Chinese, but can't, standard data after a new round of the human body, clothing industry will be able to follow the same standard, household appliances, automobile companies such as research and development institutions can also adjust to product design. '' China automotive windshield design completely using visual data of foreigners Chinese sat in the car, according to the standard design vision may appear dead Angle, driving is unsafe. 'Shout mephentermine, a researcher at the Chinese standardization institute, said,' once you have the Chinese visual data, can eradicate the problem. 'Shout mephentermine told me:' a new round of person based design following the promulgation of ergonomics, the design of public facilities also will be more humanized. The design of the traffic signs and handrail can more accord with Chinese habit. 'Look s who care for sunset in recent years, the United States, Japan, the human body measurement focus on the elderly population - — Us, Japan and other countries are aging challenge. And the expansion of the 'sunset' is the big problem of our country. '' this is for the measuring of the important reasons for the human body. 'Shout mephentermine told me,' now many design focus on the old man is not enough, a lot of bottle design is unreasonable, the old man won't unscrew and words also can't see, that in emergency situations can be life-threatening. 'This measure will set the maximum age for respondents in the 75 - year - old, far higher than the previous 65 years old, is this group included to the elderly. The proportion of old people waist circumference, height, different relationship with young people, once the elderly body data, can be in the height of the wheelchair, torsion of medicine bottle caps, implement the aspects such as the shape of, design special products for the elderly group. Hundred good filial first, the Chinese people have always emphasized on filial piety. 'Shout mephentermine told the author.
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