A game toy suitable for indoor play in winter-Pagani building block car

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
The general cooling in winter takes away the last stubbornness of young people who don’t wear long trousers. They rely on heating in the north and righteousness in the south. Those who can go out together must have life-long friendship! For children who are fun by nature, parents are more worried about taking them outdoors to play in the snow? Frozen hands! Playing in the water indoors? Frozen hands! Instead of suppressing the child's nature, it is better to accompany the child to create. Children have unconstrained imaginations and love to create more. Give the children a little time to visualize the imagination. What will the Pagani brick car look like in the children's mind? Hurry up and pick it up! Creating parts and matching parts together is a different kind of creation, brain-burning? Supercar? It meets once! Seeing and exploring manually, challenging the brain power, and assembling with the child, to discover the answer hidden in the car. Hands-on discover that compared to the 1:14 ratio remote control car, it has a ratio of 1:8, which can be called a giant in the building block world. Although the ratio is large, it does not miss every detail. The Pagani building block car is very different. There are static version and remote control version. The remote control version of the Pagani building block car. On the basis of the static version, a remote control upgrade package-motor unit is added, which contains a variety of accessories and completes the whole car assembly. , You can use the 2.4G frequency remote control to make the bulky building blocks move! A different dynamic remote control version of the Pagani building block car is also equipped with a USB rechargeable lithium battery, which can inject vitality anytime and anywhere and easily solve energy problems. The wheels are turned manually, the car body forwards and backwards, the brakes are opposed to the engine linkage, play with dynamic building blocks, and experience the real feeling of the real car. When love meets the cold winter, use care to accompany the children to grow up, let love go further, and fight with the children this winter!
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