A few, such as the collection may be fake ancient jade _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Core clew: battle of han gu yu hundred, from the perspective of ooze color share a number of easy to be 'one ticket veto' collection ancient jade products. This article from the perspective of workers mark share a few if not museum, easy to be han gu yu hundred, from the Angle of ooze color, share a number of easy to be 'one ticket veto' collection ancient jade products. This article from the perspective of workers mark share a few if not museum, is liable to be 'one ticket veto' fake masterpiece of ancient jade. Is a round hole on the surface of the ancient jade. Some view, antique jade will use hard sharp objects in jade table tap holes, imitation ancient jade corrosion hole, and the true ancient jade corrosion hole is small in the big, with the contents of a crystal holes, so if the jade table not to have that kind of YuanLiu, open holes of ancient jade. Because see photo below. Thefeathermen this thefeathermen yu yu beast beast from this perspective, the jade table has three open holes, the neck hole is bigger, and it is round, seems to be dig out by solid drilling tools, front and back two holes is irregular, like a knock out with good thing. Gao gao, then, is it true or false? Please have a look at it on the other side of the photo. Thefeathermen yu beast to see pictures of the Angle, like the friend of learning can seconds to understand, this is the one of Washington's art gallery of han gu yu, appreciate the han dynasty jade the mythical wild animal will take it as a specimen. Comment on: so, the han dynasty thefeathermen yu beast jade table hole come from? Actually the holes on the surface of the ancient jade to return true is the corrosion hole, but it is a familiar pit gu yu, may be long before in the library was playing hole could be destroyed, and then formed such holes. Roles outside of pit in the small jade, crystal content, refers to the hole, half hole gu yu, on some cooked pit gao sometimes is not established. In addition, if a large number of overhand really gu yu, also find some ancient jade has some neither grain surface, and the corrosion pore and plaque pits, grooves, this is the ancients fixed the trace of the jade carved jade, some have been grinding rid of modification, some are not processing or not clean enough. The second is small plane on the surface of the ancient jade. It is thought that the ancients put jade because low grinding efficiency, jade table is round, should not be a small plane. Please have a look at a photo. Jade pig dragon in this jade pig dragon auricle edge in a plane, the transition is stiff, hongshan jade fake so much now, this can also is false? Please see a photo of the jade pig dragon. Jade pig dragon, in fact, the jade pig dragon is sotheby's Hong Kong a few days ago in the spring of 2019 with 15. 36 million clinch a deal of jade pig dragon, the real thing. Review: ancient jade grinding efficiency is relatively low, the round jade requires repeated when grinding, jade of the small plane table surface is less, this point of view there is no error. But it is important to note that the concept of 'small flat', the 'small print' refers to those more finely small plane, if a piece of jade jade table surface there are many small, fragile, sharp little plane, as may be cut out of modern machines. Many times, and the truth one step forward is likely to become falsehood, not to extend the idea ChengYu table is very smooth, no plane, certain errors. This jade handle plane is also very conspicuous, dark spots on the outside look like is not natural, gao will be false? Please see another photo of it. Jade spoon this is a Long Shouyu spoon of the eastern han dynasty unearthed in luoyang, henan province, now in luoyang museum collection. 3 it is the work of ancient jade container. Some view, the ancient jade in the container, the container inside completely with curved tuo tao chamber, spiral mark, should appear only in other trace is not right. Please see the photo below. Jade tea pot from the photos, there are many mesh mark this jade tea at the bottom of the bowl. So, is it fake? Please see a photo of the jade tea pot. Jade tea pot, in fact, this is a henan luoyang, the core of tang dynasty unearthed jade tea body, see jade tea pot is specifically carved inside the mesh lines, rather than the work of residual marks is a kind of decorative design. If you don't careful observation, or the jade this eclipse will be serious network lines to some bad, only a few at the bottom of the network line, can is surely fake? Comments: appreciating ancient jade must first look, to see things clearly in the watch and see, can't also didn't see to conclusions. To ponder, for a variety of perspectives, a variety of experience to think seriously about, understand what it means, and cannot swallow hard.
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