A fashion experience hall where children's toys and creative cold drinks are integrated

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

Throughout the entire ice cream industry, it is not difficult to find that my country's ice cream consumption is in a rapid take-off period, which makes many operators who want to enter this industry particularly fascinated. However, these people have to admit a practical problem, that is, the ice cream industry is still in a period of industrial transformation and has not completely got rid of the restrictions of seasonal operations. Combining with the current development of the domestic ice cream market, City Beibei Toys decisively decided to introduce it into its huge product system. In this way, City Beibei Toys became the first domestic fashion experience hall integrating children's educational entertainment and creative cold drinks. my country’s children’s toy market has been at a low-end development level for a long time. Compared with foreign toy markets, domestic toy products generally lack creativity, and the materials used in the products are even more uneven. Little consideration is given to related factors such as children’s physical growth and intellectual development. This has also become the biggest limitation of the development of my country's children's toy market. City Beibei Toys stands at the top of the development of the entire industry, positioning the brand style with avant-garde concepts, and adopting green materials as product introduction standards to ensure that all products have higher quality and are rapidly emerging in the children's toy market in my country.  Urban Beibei Toys is characterized by entertaining and entertaining. It covers eight series, including early education series, puzzle series, animation series, electric remote control series, DIY series, sports series, wooden series, baby carriage series, etc. In the product procurement specifications of the city Beibei toys, there are very clear regulations on the materials used in the products themselves, that is, they must be green and environmentally friendly materials. Whenever City Beibei Toys decides to purchase products, it must have a raw material application certificate and related inspection certificates issued by the toy manufacturer.   Children's toys must not contain heavy metal substances, irritating gases, safety hazards and inhalable particulate matter, otherwise they will cause harm or irritation to children during the contact process. Through such strict procurement methods, City Beibei Toys excludes most of the toys that endanger children's health in the world, so that children's mental and physical development can be guaranteed the most comprehensive and meticulous. At the same time, City Beibei Toys is also further consolidating its own product quality, starting the company's popularity and reputation in the entire market. City Beibei Toys insists on the introduction of green materials, and insists on integrating with the domestic ice cream industry, which is subject to seasonal restrictions. This is an important decision for enterprises to surpass the standards of my country’s children’s toy industry. High attention is paid to the safety and quality of supplies and the comprehensive entertainment experience. Compared with other brands of toys, City Beibei toys can better ensure the safety of children's games, and can better meet children's rigid demand for healthy cold drink products.
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