A dream of sculpture family art tradition

by:Ennas      2021-08-06
Core clew: HuiAn DiaoYi industry in the wave of transformation promotion, industry development and cultural creativity 'walking on two legs', but dried up especially shortage of art of creative talents in the industry of HuiAn DiaoYi industry in the wave of transformation promotion, industry development and cultural creativity 'walking on two legs', but dried up especially shortage of art of creative talents in the industry. HuiAn in recent years, through a variety of forms strengthening DiaoYi talent team construction, focus on forging a batch of have culture, have grade, forward-looking DiaoYi inheritance and operating managers, promote HuiAn DiaoYi to high-end, the brand development. As HuiAn sculpture family young generation, the county town of chongwu webber resolutely choose the road of art, let people see the HuiAn DiaoYi inheritance, innovation and transformation and upgrading of hope. Recently, the elections HuiAn museum of art, a small exhibition held here. 20 exhibition of painting are arranged in the gallery wall, attract many people stopped to watch. The paintings part which the impression the sketch of the sea, there was full of fishing boats quiet harbor, wash fishermen moratorium, network life scenes, in addition there are full of tension do strange animation cartoon character sketches and lively. Although these paintings also slightly immature, but there is no lack of ideological content, such as a picture tells the story of Steve jobs and apple, raises people's science and technology and the thinking of life. Show the author called webber, 20 years old, HuiAn chongwu, youth sunshine. May return from Singapore to study abroad, he used a month's holiday created this 20 painting. 'This is my 20-year-old youth memorial, I also determined the beginning of art. 'Webber told reporters, the show's theme of' go 'up, down, up, we should strive to' up 'to create a piece of heaven and earth in art road; 'Come on down' is a sinking to settle down, endless exploration. Webber for the exhibition, design posters, vividly express the theme of the exhibition. Posters two pencils intertwined, two glasses of cartoon teenagers, is really a true reflection of his heart, a pencil along the straight and hard to climb up, a happy slip along the rotating bending pencil. The whole poster witty humor, lively, full of youthful vigor. 'My dream is to become a monet, Vatican & # 183; High as artists, this road will be twists and turns, I want to use the hands of the pen to achieve your dream. 'Wang Boxiao explained. Webber, who was born in HuiAn sculpture family, back five generations are in the stone carving, father xiang-rong wang is the first Chinese stone carving art master, master of arts and crafts in fujian province. Under the family narrative, webber's interest in art since I was a child, from kindergarten began to learn drawing, finish, after nine years of compulsory education in quanzhou to Singapore to study abroad. 'Met many good teachers in Singapore, they carefully taught me such as drawing and sketching the basic skills, also introduce design guidance in my writing. Webber said, 'now he had been admitted to art institute of Singapore nanyang art by the end of the summer vacation will go to the temple to continue learning, to further their studies. 'We are the traditional generation, they are a new generation, he can calm down and take the path of art, let me see the hope. 'Xiang-rong wang for his son's first exhibition was delighted, he said that the exhibition is webber independently, very focused, serious, express their own ideas, these works for him to see his son's dream, childlike innocence and imagination, and a common heart can calm down creation. Xiang-rong wang started with traditional stone carving, iconoclastic, and a number of well-known national academy and figurines home cooperation from all over the world, created the HuiAn stone of modern art. He hopes can only son by learning and study, for the connection of aesthetic and stone carving industry, inheritance DiaoYi of his career. Webber also thinks, art is interlinked, his love of painting can be combined with stone industry, pushing forward the innovation of traditional stone carving to creative path. 'Painting on stone, for example, allows more colorful stone, with colour into the stone, the work has a contemporary and fashionable, offering a more perfect. 'Webber confident about the future.
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