89-year-old Ricks performs a wonderful interpretation of 'Toy Story' Mr. Potato

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

Following the return of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to 'Toy Story 4' as Hu Di and Buzz Lightyear, veteran comedian Don Ricks also revealed that he has signed with Pixar. Will continue to voice Mr. Tudou in this sequel. 'Toy Story 4' directed by John Lasseter has been set for June 16, 2017. In an interview with foreign media, Don Rix joked: 'I remember when John Lasseter first contacted me, my feedback at the time was, 'I don't want to play a comedy, don't dub those toys,' but I heard The salary and other favorable terms he offered me, I immediately agreed to it. I didn’t expect that 17 years had passed.” Ricks is 89 years old this year. He told Mr. Tudou in three episodes of 'Toy Story'. The interpretation is impressive. Earlier, Jim Morris, president of Pixar Animation Studios, revealed in an interview recently that 'Toy Story 4' will be independent of the first three works: 'The 'Toy Story' trilogy has a perfect ending. I think 'Toy Story' '4' is an independent story.' At the same time, Jim Morris further revealed that the film will tell a love story: 'It is a romantic comedy, and no longer focuses on the interaction between toys and children.'
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