6.1 Toy Market | Lanjiang Market Supervision Office conducts a special inspection of the toy market within its jurisdiction

by:Ennas      2022-01-13
6.1 Children's Day is just around the corner, and many parents will choose to buy their children's toys on Children's Day. It is precisely because of this that the local market supervision departments will also conduct random inspections of the market in the near future to severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations, so that it is safe for children to play. It is understood that the Lanjiang Market Supervision Office conducted a special inspection of the toy sales market within its jurisdiction! The inspection focused on large supermarkets where the sales of children's toy products were concentrated, and mainly inspected plastic toys, projectile toys, doll toys and other toy products that consumers buy and use more. During the inspection, it was found that toys sold by individual operators were sold. There were no Chinese signs and irregular signs. Law enforcement officers ordered the operators to take off the shelves and stop selling them. Law enforcement officers severely investigated and dealt with the operators who sold toys that did not meet the product quality standards and endangered children's health. At the same time of law enforcement inspections, law enforcement officials also publicize toy certification, product quality and other laws and regulations to operators, guide operators to establish responsibility, law-abiding awareness and safety awareness, consciously implement the purchase inspection system, and strictly prevent unqualified toys from entering the market. , Promote the relevant knowledge of mandatory product certification and supervision and management of children's products to consumers to ensure the safety of children's toys consumption. The market supervision department reminds consumers that the current children’s toy market is uneven. Parents should be careful when buying toys for their children, that is, check whether the manufacturer’s information is complete, whether there is a certificate of conformity and 3C certification mark, and whether the applicable age group is indicated; Smell the toy, if there is a pungent odor, do not buy it; ask the source of the toy to make sure whether it is purchased according to the regular channel; feel the material of the toy with your hand, and feel the fineness of the toy's workmanship. Source of this article: Yuyao Daily
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