52 pieces of rodin figurines masterpiece at the Portland art museum

by:Ennas      2021-09-07
Core tip: on January 21, 2017, to commemorate one of France's most influential figurine artist auguste rodin, 奥古斯特·罗丹,1840年 1917). The 100th anniversary of the death, the United States Portland, the United States on January 21, 2017, in honor of one of France's most influential figurine artist auguste rodin, 奥古斯特·罗丹,1840年 1917). The 100th anniversary of the death of the Portland art museum ( 波特兰艺术博物馆) Held the rodin: human experience - From Alice and Gerald cantor treasured works selection collection '( 罗丹:人类的经验 选择 离子的虹膜和B。 杰拉尔德·康托尔集合) Theme exhibition and exhibited by the pioneering artists finish 52 pieces of exquisite bronze statue of a little treasures. As the 19th century and the early twentieth century's greatest realism figurine artist, rodin implements the figurine art revolutionary breakthrough. Although the works of art has always been loyal to the source, but he has broken away from the traditional practice, try to explore the creative process. The exquisite bronze statue of a small exhibition rodin to clay figurine modeling the love of human body. The selection on the exhibition to bronze collection represents the main achievement of his entire career, including the important small sculpture 'Calais righteous nation' ( Calais)的市民 Deep research and his masterpiece 'the gates of hell' ( 地狱之门) In the works. 'The night' ( 一晚) Other categories masterpiece shows his in assembly integrated arts practice. In addition, the exhibition 'rodin: human experience also more other figurines treasures. One of the immortal nude body statue 'walking man' ( 步行的人) Express famous rodin to be one of the Italian Renaissance Michelangelo ( Michelangelo) Admire, and the dancers D ( 舞蹈运动D) Shows his interest in understanding of human movement way. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition exhibited special rodin as the image of the rich world famous paintings, including a French romantic writer Victor Hugo ( Victor Hugo) And French critical realism writer in the 19th century, the ray DE Balzac ( Honoré de Balzac) , Austrian composer gustav mahler ( Gustav Mahler) And the French landscape painter Claude lorraine ( Claude Lorraine) And one of his favorite dancer hanako ( Hanako) Portraits and has launched a 'hand of god' ( The Hand of God, may be a self-portrait) 。 Rodin was able to use bronze performance fresh life, at the same time, he expressed extreme mental state interest deeply affects the young artists in Europe and America. The 'rodin: human experience' exhibition reveals the artist is considered to be the cause of the important link between traditional and modern figurines.
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