5-Minute Marketing: Why should users be surprised when they take pictures?

by:Ennas      2022-02-09

It's not the skill to surprise peers, but to make users like it silently is the skill of marketing. In fact, the unexpected concept of 'who gave me a novel gift' can be used in all kinds of marketing, even a small online shop. The key depends on how caring you are...   In January 2014, I did not know Who sent the big carton, the box is big but very light. When you open it, there are two kawaii tiger paw pillows of different colors, but the newest thing is to pick it up and see where the pillows are. It’s gloves. You can put your hands inside and punch a set of tiger punches. Of course, the small tags on the tiger’s paws also reveal the source of the gift-tiger games.    is such an interesting thing, it is inevitable that you will take the initiative to take pictures. , And then put it on Weibo and WeChat to tease my friends, and similar to me, there are many well-known Weibo, WeChat owners and insiders in the game industry who have received gifts. Of course, everyone subsequently adopted The action is the same as me. After all, everyone has a desire to explore.   Who gave me a novel gift? This is indeed a very interesting promotion and marketing method, and it also breaks through the traditional social network marketing. A novel form of word-of-mouth detonation with extremely low transmission conversion rate and low word-of-mouth effect.    Another accident can form a second climax, and compared with the first time it comes from the spontaneous communication of the recipient, the uncontrollable characteristics formed , The second transmission can add more dominant elements of the planner.    Like a multi-functional tiger claw, it can be transformed into a pillow, headgear, fin or other more creative forms according to the different creativity of the user, and if the planner is slightly Providing certain usage suggestions to users can stimulate a wider operating space. According to the planner, the original tiger paw gift was just a pillow, but after making the sample, a hole was opened behind the tiger paw on a whim , Which makes the whole gift more diverse, and based on the characteristics of current social network users’ preference to display gifts and display novelties, they will also combine the online game to introduce more gift gameplay and follow-up novel gifts, and will collect new ones. Gift ideas, thereby forming a wider range of communication.    From the perspective of the promotion logic of this unexpected' marketing, it maximizes the intended meaning of the topic of social networks, that is, free communication between people, and Ingeniously implant topic points, use an open promotion method to present the creative concept of the brand through large or small gifts, and cooperate with the ever-changing form to improve the variability of communication, thereby changing the past marketing promotion The mere propaganda path will naturally increase the acceptance of the target audience.   More importantly, its marketing cost is not high, especially when compared to conventional online marketing, the effect is better.   Maybe many people would think that such low-cost word-of-mouth detonation methods based on social networks are still the patents of companies with deep pockets. Small and micro enterprises that have neither money nor can they invite influential social communicators, their marketing path still cannot be imitated. In fact, otherwise, the unexpected concept of 'who gave me a novel gift' can be used in all kinds of marketing, even a small online shop.   Many people who have experienced online shopping may have similar experiences. That is to say, among the goods received, there are also small gifts, perhaps a personalized small desk calendar, or a mobile phone screen wiper, but often when they receive a gift, they will have something in their hearts.' Feelings will naturally increase the possibility of buying in the store next time.   If you make a change and use social platforms or big data to analyze the core target group and personalize gifts, the effect will be more effective. Whenever there is a core consumer’s birthday, this friend will always carefully select a small gift and send it over. Since it is a friend, the gift selection will be very personal. For example, some users like Doraemon and prefer to smoke. , She will find a rare Doraemon lighter or ashtray as a gift; some users usually like folk culture, she will cater to gifts such as New Year pictures or paper-cutting...  Only half-acquaintances or strangers have gradually become friends and have formed consumer stickiness. Although her friends who posted gifts on social networks will not bring explosive word-of-mouth effects on the surface, through their disclosures to their friends,' they have brought a lot of big business to their WeChat small business, even some As a result, people have established trust and become second-time salesmen.    Besides, can there be surprises? Yes, there are many forms of word-of-mouth promotion with unexpected gifts. Some merchants, after you finish shopping, Instead of shopping, you suddenly say that you want to use part of the shopping money for charity in your name, which can stimulate the customer’s mentality of unexpected gains; some products use advertisements for suspense marketing before they are promoted. When the truth is revealed, it makes you feel surprised. It's just that these accidents are rarely designed on the basis of word-of-mouth communication on social networks. They are only terminated when they reach the person involved, and become one-way communication, without the radioactivity of word-of-mouth. Among the various specifications of marketing, even if it is just a small online shop. The key depends on how caring you are... Excerpt from 'Practical Network Marketing-Tactics Analysis of Classic Network Promotion Cases (Second Edition)'
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