4-year-old child is proficient in online shopping of high-end toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

Recently, Ms. Guo, who lives in Hongwan Middle Road, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, frequently received payment reminders from Taobao sellers. Checking the purchase records, they were all high-end toys. Ms. Guo was puzzled, 'I haven’t bought these things before? Has the account been hacked?' What she didn't expect was that this was an order from the family's four-year-old son. Transformers, helicopters, dinosaur eggs... Ms. Guo said that her shopping records were all unpaid toy orders, which made her wonder. The Taobao account at home was automatically logged in, and her husband didn’t buy these items. Ms. Guo guessed whether it was her son. “A child who is only four years old can’t understand all the words, how can he Taobao?” Ms. Guo speculated. It was quickly denied by her husband. However, these 'strange' toy orders are increasing every day. It was not until the seller responded to the postal information of the toy that Ms. Guo discovered that there was a voice record of her son bargaining with the seller in Wangwang's record. 'Postal'Usually my father and I are busy at work, and I don’t have time to accompany him, so I give him electronic products to play. I didn’t expect him to explore Taobao on his own.' So Ms. Guo began to pay attention to her son’s behavior. She found that whether it was an iPad, mobile phone or computer. , As long as there is a Taobao client, the son can 'order' smoothly. 'There is a voice translator on the phone, and the voice is directly converted into text after input. Some sellers may not know that the buyer is a four-year-old boy.' The order amount sometimes reached three or four hundred yuan, and many sellers regarded this little doll as a 'big customer' and asked carefully to verify the courier address. Ms. Guo could only explain to the seller that this was an 'invalid order' for her own four-year-old doll. 'The seller was shocked to hear that it was a four-year-old child. They said they knew it was a child, but they all thought it was a teenager.' Although Ms. Guo now teaches her son not to 'Taobao' casually, which will cause unnecessary trouble to others, her son is still very keen on this matter, 'He places orders every day, and I am responsible for closing the transaction and apologizing to the seller.'
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