3D designer Jim Rodda printed several armor sets for Barbie dolls

by:Ennas      2021-12-09

At the beginning of this year, Barbie's swimsuit image on Sports Illustrated once again aroused people's discussion about Barbie's body proportions. Regardless of whether her body proportions are reasonable, whether it is a swimsuit or a traditional dress, she is unlikely to be a boy's toy. Jim Rodda launched a crowdfunding project called 'Faire Play' on Kickstarter in April this year. It is reported that this is a 3D printing project tailored for Barbie dolls. Jim Rodda has printed out three sets of equipment for Barbie. He hopes to raise more funds to add new equipment varieties. Users can spend US$29.99 to purchase digital files of these armors. After signing a Creative Commons license, you can also print out the equipment you designed for Barbie.
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