3 points to consider when choosing toys for the new year

by:Ennas      2021-12-24

As the saying goes, 'Adults look forward to planting fields, and children look forward to the New Year.' The Spring Festival is approaching, and it is the happiest time for the children. Because only during the Spring Festival, children can naturally have new clothes to wear, have delicious food, and they can also visit relatives and friends with their parents to get the new year's money, and play carefree.  The editor also caters to the New Year’s atmosphere and locks the gifts for children on interesting and educational “toys”. What toys should be given to children during the New Year?   There are a dazzling array of children’s toys on the market. Choosing a good age-appropriate toy for children is actually a test for parents.  Toys are not only to make children happy, but also to bring children good childhood memories. At the same time, in the process of playing with toys, children need to get exercise and growth. This gain can be emotional or intellectual.   What toys should I give to my children during the New Year? Three points to consider when choosing a toy    First, consider safety. Toys with too many parts, too small, sharp corners, sharp, fading, excessive smell, and serious sound and light pollution should not be bought for children even if they are cheap.  Secondly, don't buy too gorgeous and expensive ones. Toys that are too extravagant tend to be more cherished than exploration, which will limit children's desire and interest in exploring, so toys lose their meaning.   The third least buy electric toys. Electric toys are easy to operate and can make sound movement by moving the switch, which is not easy for children's intellectual development. Moreover, the sound and lighting settings of electric toys are often too loud and dazzling, which is extremely detrimental to the child's visual and auditory development. Because electric toys are easy to operate and easy for children to master, it is difficult to attract children to study and play for a long time, which limits children's imagination and curiosity to a certain extent.  It is best to choose manually-operated toys  Hand-on toys, such as building blocks, are the most traditional children’s toys and are actually the most valuable children’s toys. Moms and dads must not ignore the importance of building blocks or building block toys. They can continue from generation to generation and are in line with the laws of children's physical and mental and intellectual development. In the process of hands-on children, on the one hand, they need to fully develop their imagination in the brain, and on the other hand, they need to cultivate the patience of the child to complete tasks. The richer the imagination, the clearer and more interesting the story expressed by the child through the toy.  Finger exercise will accelerate the child’s brain development  When the child is playing with toys, finger movement can stimulate the vast areas of the brain, and through the brain’s thinking and eye observation, it can continuously correct and improve the refined degree of finger movements.  The coordination of eyes, hands, and brain can greatly promote the intellectual development of children. So parents must give their children more opportunities to do things.  According to a study by the Royal Academy of Sciences, people who often play with educational toys have an average IQ about 11 points higher than those who do not, and their brains have a higher open thinking ability.
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