238 Taiwanese toy dealers participated in the '2014 Hong Kong Toy Fair'

by:Ennas      2021-11-25

According to Hong Kong media, at the beginning of the new year, 238 Taiwanese toy manufacturers formed the largest exhibitor group to Hong Kong to participate in the '2014 Hong Kong Toy Fair'. Many well-known toy manufacturers in Taiwan emphasized in an interview with reporters that the mainland is about to officially implement The'only child and two children policy', driven by this policy, is expected to at least double the sales of toys in mainland China this year, and individual companies may even increase 10 times. The prospects are very attractive.   It is precisely because of the optimism about the development of the mainland domestic market. The Taiwan Toys and Children's Products Industry Association (abbreviated as: Taiwan Toys Association) established a'cross-strait marketing committee' last year to assist manufacturers to enter the mainland market. Lai Jinyi, supervisor of the Taiwan Toys Association and general manager of Tongzi Industrial Co., Ltd., who led a delegation to participate in Hong Kong, recalled in an interview with reporters that as early as 1992, he was optimistic about the mainland domestic market and increased production capacity and reduced production costs. He went to Jiangsu. Set up a factory for production. Many Taiwanese businessmen went to the mainland to set up factories in the past. To facilitate export, they would choose to invest and set up factories in Shenzhen or Dongguan. At that time, he wanted to enter the mainland's domestic market, so he chose to settle in Jiangsu.   He said that when Shanghai and other large department stores lined up to buy the toy 'Transformation King KongHowever, as the company transformed from a toy manufacturer to high-end baby strollers, walkers and other products, most of its products were sold mainly in Europe and the United States, while the domestic sales accounted for only about 1% in mainland China. . However, in recent years, with the enthusiasm of cross-strait economics and trade, especially after the report last year that the mainland was preparing to relax the'one-child two-child policy', all Taiwanese businessmen in toys and infant products in Taiwan were greatly encouraged and believed that it was definitely a big profit. '(Favourable). Lai Jinyi estimates that from the formal implementation of the policy in March this year (2014) to next year, he is confident that the company's sales in mainland China will rise from the current 1% to 10%, an increase of 10 times. . At present, he has already deployed in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other big cities, looking for shops, and directly retailing his own stores. In addition, the company participated in the “Taiwan Famous Products Exhibition” organized by the Taiwan Trade Association in Tianjin, mainland China for the first time last year. The 'Yicheng.com' affiliated with the association signed a three-year contract to sell the company's products through the Internet in the future. By the middle of this year, Lai Jinyi estimates that after the opening of physical stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places, with the cooperation of entities and networks, he estimated that the company’s total sales in mainland China this year will increase by 10 times. Confidently meet with reporters and see his results in a year. In addition, Luo Jianhong, the deputy prime minister of Jiandi Enterprise Co., Ltd., which went to Shanghai in 2002 to invest and set up a factory to produce children’s riding electric strollers, pointed out to a reporter from China News that the company’s total domestic sales in mainland China only accounted for less than 100% of the company’s total sales. 0.5% of the total, but he believes that under the economic development of the mainland and the introduction of broadband under the 'One Child and Two Child PolicyHe revealed that the company has now joined the mainland's Taobao.com for online sales. In addition, it has recently formally established a'Mainland Business Department', hiring 5 dedicated personnel to find channels and partners across the mainland, taking 1 year as The goal is to open the mainland market.   Almost all Taiwanese toy companies are very optimistic about the development prospects of the mainland's domestic market. For this reason, Jian Shuchao, secretary general of the Taiwan Toy Association, pointed out to our reporter that the association had established a 'cross-strait marketing committee' last year to assist manufacturers in entering the mainland market. Recently, during the exhibition in Hong Kong, she will visit the Mainland Toys and Infant Products Association to discuss matters concerning Taiwanese toy manufacturers' participation in the Mainland. Assist Taiwanese manufacturers to enter the mainland market. The first shot of this year-the Hong Kong Toy Fair, Jian Shuchao said that Taiwanese manufacturers have responded with unprecedented enthusiasm, with 238 exhibitors and 290 booths rented, the number exceeding any previous year, setting a record high, and opening up' 'Taiwan Toys Image Zone' comprehensively promotes the latest research and development results of Taiwan's latest toys and infant products, and builds the image and promotion of Taiwan's products, so as to attract the focus of buyers from across the strait and the world, and open up sales.
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