2021 Shanghai Education Expo is about to open, Bruco Education will participate!

by:Ennas      2022-01-11
From May 22nd to 24th, the Shanghai Education Expo with the theme of the power of faith and the dream of education will kick off at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Bruker Education was invited as an exhibitor to prepare a wealth of experience activities for children. Mom and dad can participate in the activities by appointment. The Shanghai Education Expo is a professional education exhibition organized by the Shanghai Educational Newspapers, under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Commission of the Communist Party of China and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The event will be divided into two parts: live display and online display. The on-site exhibition of the Expo includes red theme activities, professional experience activities, technological innovation activities, educational consulting activities, as well as campus cultural performances, intangible cultural heritage exhibition experiences, current affairs boutique micro-classes, micro-lectures, micro-forums, etc., which are fun and beneficial activity. At Bruker's booth, we arranged four scientific and technological puzzle activities for the children: the future military parade, space sample collection, smart life and bravely breaking through the space maze. # Activity 1: The future military parade will use Bruker's intelligent technology interactive parts (motors, sound and lighting systems) and ever-changing building blocks to design and manufacture great powers of the country, feel the power of technology, and experience the sense of honor to defend the motherland. #Activity 2: Space sample collection uses a new generation of symbol recognition technology to cooperate in pairs to complete the scientific exploration mission of space sample collection. #Activity 3: Smart life uses Bruker's intelligent programming robots to try to learn to use programming knowledge points such as loops, triggers, and backtracking to design and manufacture various intelligent systems and smart daily necessities in smart cities #Activity 4: Brave the space maze and use programming The software creates path levels, combines physical modules and programming knowledge to complete paths, and shares and challenges the created levels with each other. Time: May 22-May 24 Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center (1000 Yan'an Middle Road)
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