2021 China New Consumer Brands Growth Summit Bruco is on the list

by:Ennas      2022-01-09
On July 6, the 2021 China New Consumer Brand Growth Summit hosted by CBN and CBNData was held in Shanghai. Bruker Bricks was invited to participate in cooperation with other Chinese new consumer brands and industry leaders with great growth potential. , Well-known investment institutions, etc., went on a journey across the cycle to find the underlying logic and ultimate core of the sustainable growth of China’s new consumer brands. At the summit, CBNData released and interpreted the '2021 China New Consumer Brand Growth White PaperMr. Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruker Building Blocks, was invited to participate in the lifestyle brand special, and he took the stage to share a keynote speech titled “Flanking Competition: The Growth of China’s Original Building Blocks”. Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruker Bricks, came to the stage to share the flank competition at the 2021 China New Consumer Brand Growth Summit. Bruker’s differentiated approach to challenge Mount Everest has two roads, one is the southern slope and the other is the northern slope. Giants are already in the North Slope. If startups use the same method and hit head-on on the North Slope, they must be a dead end; if they choose the South Slope and compete for differentiation and avoid head-on confrontation, they may still have a chance of life. Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruco Bricks, mentioned this concept again at the beginning of the keynote speech, comparing the branding of Bruco Bricks to the competition on the flank of Mount Everest. Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruker Building Blocks, came to the stage to share. Sheng Xiaofeng said that toys have always been an industry that focuses on categorized consumption, rather than autos, fast-moving consumer and other very mature brand building industries. As the young people of the Z generation gradually become parents, they The demand for personalized consumption and branded consumption has spawned more subdivision tracks in this industry, and has also spawned the birth of some cutting-edge brands. This is an opportunity that Bruco sees, as well as an opportunity for China's original building block brand. In the face of the market situation where consumers' minds are almost completely occupied by the giant North Slope building block brand, Bruco Building Blocks starts from the sub-category of children’s building blocks. Granular building block products opened up the market, thus achieving a 0-1 breakthrough. If cutting into the subdivision track is only the first step in a single point breakthrough, then Bruco will focus on four core strategies: narrow, small, deep, and transparent, from point to surface, through in-depth operations, to block the user’s mind. . Thanks to this, Bruco Building Blocks has achieved excellent results in 2020, with an annual revenue growth of 232% in all channels, making it the fastest-growing building block brand in the field of children's toys. Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruker Building Blocks, came to the stage to share. Because of focus, so innovation. When you only focus on this group of people, based on the characteristics of the crowd, you will dig deeper. This is the power of focus. Sheng Xiaofeng said. After the subdivision of the track highlights the heavy encirclement, Bruco Building Blocks actively expanded the products of the 6--3 year old maternal and child system and the 5-year-old + age group system, and correspondingly developed 4cm super large particles and 1cm particles. Among them, the large and small building blocks are compatible with each other, which extends the life cycle of the product and also allows users to obtain more value for fun. In the interactive system, multiple interactive functional parts such as sound and light, hydraulic pressure, and programming are added, so that the building blocks can not only be assembled, but also can be combined with sight, movement, and hearing, so as to better stimulate children's interest and enhance creativity. Not only that, Bruce continues to broaden the concept of building blocks + and apply it to various scenes where children play and learn, such as early education, STEAM, and so on. As a result, Bruco, who was originally just a building block, produced unexpected value. Bruco’s original building block system. At the same time, Bruco has created a brand + IP dual-drive model. Through original IP animations 'Variable Bruco' and 'Bruco Team' dialogue with children, and then through more The multi-level global marketing and communication matrix repeatedly reach out to parents and strengthen brand awareness. The two-pronged approach has taken a completely different path from the vast majority of domestic toy manufacturers, thus establishing a brand moat. This model also allows Bruker Building Blocks to break through the shackles of traffic, form positive user communication and connection, and bring effective growth to the brand. In addition, Bruker's omni-channel layout of offline, e-commerce, and new media has also become one of the indispensable conditions for brand growth. Selected in the Growth50 list. Insist on originality and create value for users. The summit site also announced the 2021 China's new consumer brand Growth50 list that has attracted much attention from the industry. This list was born out of the 2021 China New Consumer Brand Growth Survey and the Selection Project of the Growth50 list jointly launched by China Business News and CBNData in March. Investment institutions, industry associations and professional media have conducted research and selection from the six dimensions of product, supply chain, brand, marketing, operation and organization through big data analysis, in-depth interviews and other research methods. After layers of selection, Bruker blocks are on the list for their high-quality, high-standard, and original building blocks. Bruker won the 2021 China new consumer brand Growth50 list 2021 China's new consumer brand Growth50 list trophy and certificate Bru can choose the circuit of building blocks because it is a deterministic market; choose originality because This is the only way to create differentiated value for users. Sheng Xiaofeng reiterated that originality is a difficult road for brands. Although the corresponding Ru0026D cycle is prolonged and the cost is increased, it is worth the enterprise to stick to. The ideal world that Bruk wants to build is to create new value for the toy category, create differentiated value for users, and create higher value for the society. This is also the continuous existence value of the brand.
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