2020CTE Toy Fair丨Bao Feifan Children's Painting Materials Brand Brilliant Blooming and Eye-catching Performance

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
October is a colorful month. People participated in CBME after the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. Today, the 2020 CTE Toy Fair kicked off again, and many exhibitors opened a new round of docking opportunities here. ! The Baofeifan children's painting material brand is also included. Jiangsu Baofeifan Children's Products Co., Ltd. owns many professional children's painting material brands such as Baofeifan and Mojik. Bonfil, as its main brand, originated from Spain, the hometown of the world’s master of art. The founder Josep Bonfil founded the Bonfil brand in 1962 to provide private customized high-end painting materials for European aristocrats and royal families. . In 2016, the Bonfil brand was introduced to China by Phoenix Painting Materials Group, and the international quality painting materials manufacturing process was extended to the field of children's painting materials. Designed and developed a variety of creative art products such as super deformed clay and children's DIY crafts. In this exhibition, Bao Feifan will also provide you with twelve zodiac-themed clay, children’s drawing suits, walala boxes, lucky stars colorful sticks, children’s three-dimensional puzzles, etc. to allow children to fully utilize their own imagination and travel in the ocean of thoughts. Have fun. The brand of Baofeifan children’s painting materials blooms splendidly. The layout of the entire exhibition hall is very cute and interesting, and it has also attracted a batch of dealers to stop and negotiate. If you want to learn more about Baofeifan’s wonderful content and are interested in cooperation but are not convenient to go Why not leave us a message! We will start an online cloud negotiation journey for you and manufacturers with high-quality service!
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