2020CTE China Toy Fair Industry rookie Xiaolu is waiting for you in 'Shanghai' with a variety of star products!

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
On October 21st, the highly anticipated CTE China Toy Fair opened grandly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition is the largest toy trade show in Asia. More than 2700+ corporate exhibitors from 17 categories of toys will be displayed on the same stage. Not only can we fully understand the trend of toy brands on a global scale, but also give Chinese brands and agents Bring refreshing concept innovation and vision expansion. This year's CTE China Toy Fair is subdivided into multiple exhibition areas such as wood, bamboo, smart toys, models and dolls, hobby toys, educational toys and games, baby toys, electronic and remote control toys, outdoor and sports goods, and At the same time, leaders of ministries and commissions, marketing experts, Internet celebrities, etc. will be invited to hold a variety of high-end events. Xiaolu Technology, as a rookie in the industry, brought innovative products to the G58 exhibition area of u200bu200bHall N3. 2020 will be a deep baptism for many industries and companies. Consumption transformation and industrial reshaping continue to accelerate, giving birth to unprecedented bursts of new business formats and new models: keywords such as live streaming, private domain traffic, online online courses, and retail digitization, constantly refreshing our lifestyle, and also for the post-epidemic era The Chinese economy under this situation has brought recovery and opportunities. Under such a background, enterprises can only break through the situation if they seek change and innovation. With the continuous improvement of the national science and technology level and the widespread popularization of science and technology education, the new generation of young people has brought the concept of combining theory with practice, and the integration of play and learning into their next generation. Not only can play with toys, but also use toys to create more new tricks. According to the '2020 China Toys and Baby Products Industry Development White Paper' issued by the China Toys and Baby Products Association, in 2019, China's total domestic retail sales and total exports of toys and baby products have maintained steady growth, with more than 50% of the interviewed Consumers plan to increase spending on toys and baby products in 2020. At the same time, as Chinese parents continue to invest in their children's pre-school education, smart enlightenment, building blocks and Steam toys have become the first choice for more families. It is also under this trend that Xiaolu Technology will rely on its core advantages in the field of artificial intelligence to cross the border into the smart toy track. As a Baidu ecological chain company, Xiaolu has in-depth research on IDu0026hardware exclusive customization, software system bottom development, mainstream voice platform access and OEM APP, etc., and has extensive experience in supply chain management and market development. Prior to this, three Baidu smart speakers were successfully introduced to the market, and the cumulative sales exceeded 10 million units. Once the private-brand smart Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets were launched, they also received good market feedback and user reputation. In addition to a strong technological innovation gene, Xiaolu also always maintains an attitude of self-innovation and continuous creation, and is committed to exploring more imaginative cross-industry innovations, expanding broader business cooperation, and focusing on technology and innovation. Source, constantly enriching the product matrix, serving more Chinese families and partners. This participation in the CTE China Toy Fair is a concentrated display of Xiaolu products to the public, and all kinds of star products have appeared. Xiaolu smart bluetooth speaker, small body contains great wisdom, through the integration of Baidu DMA (DuerOS Mobile Accessory) protocol, it can wake up Xiaodu APP voice assistant to realize scene-based control, so that bluetooth speakers can be transformed into smart speakers in seconds, and matched with millions of high-quality audio content Add more excitement to life. With the rapid development of the toy industry, the demand for educational toys is rapidly increasing. When purchasing toys for their children, the new generation of parents pay more attention to the education of toys. Steam toys have the meaning of exploration and creation, allowing children to learn a variety of knowledge in the process of playing. The smart building block speaker and the art smart factory are the Steam thinking enlightenment scene component set independently developed by Xiaolu. Users can use smart building blocks to make DIY creative puzzles, unlock different puzzle games, and build an immersive world of fun. Through the materialized story scenes, logical sound and light dynamic effects, and visualized artistic creation process, the product inspires children to enrich their imagination and brings multiple parent-child interaction fun. Combining the current hot educational concepts to make products, extend the cultivation of programming thinking, effectively grasp the children's curiosity, and cultivate and enrich children's creativity. At the same time, at the toy fair site, the audience can not only stop and experience the new products, but also participate in the [code scan courtesy] lucky draw, smart speakers, creative towels, 100% winning! At the 2020 CTE China Toy Fair, Xiaolu sincerely invites you to come to the exhibition area and become our trial officer. As the brand grows, he will continue to give us advice and support, and explore the infinite life with AI!
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