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2020 Thanksgiving Day---A Special Day in Ennas Gifts

2020 Thanksgiving Day---A Special Day in Ennas Gifts


Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and giving thanks to family members and friends. Team members at Ennas Gifts are always like a family, so we gathered together and had an enjoyable teatime on the special day.

As a start, some of the team members received their awards for they have made outstanding contributions to the company. In the past months in 2020, they have been always working with diligence and providing the best service for customers.




In the next part, we had several interesting games including darts, bowling, “drawing a smiley face” and “picking beans with chopsticks”. The office was filled with pleasant laughter and cheers. And the most impressive game was drawing a smiling face on the blackboard.



There was an unfinished smile face on the blackboard. The game player should stand about two meters away from the board and make three turns by themselves. Then the game player tried to walk straight to the blackboard and finish the smiley face with a smiling mouth. It seems very easy, but actually, it is hard to walk very straight after turning around three times. 



With hearts full of gratitude, all the team members at Ennas Gifts will always be responsible to our customers, provide excellent service, and guarantee high quality of the products.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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