2020 ranking of the world's 25 most valuable toy brands

by:Ennas      2022-02-02
The children's toy market has also experienced rapid development in 2020. If you want to join this market, you still need to have a certain understanding of this market. Brand Finance, a British brand evaluation agency, released the 2020 list of the world's 25 most valuable toy brands (Toys 25 2020). Ranking Brand Location Value/Growth Group 1, Lego (Denmark) 6.556 billion U.S. dollars / -3.0% Lego 2, Bandai Namco (Bandai Namco) Japan 1.903 billion U.S. dollars / +16.8% Bandai Namco 3, Fisher ( Fisher-Price) US$658 million/+0.5% Mattel4, Heat (Nerf) US$587 million/+43.0% Hasbro5, Funko Pop! US$474 million6, Barbie (Barbie) US$440 million US$/+18.2% Mattel7, Mobile Suit Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam) Japan US$326 million/+31.0% Bandai Namco8, Hasbro (USA) US$325 million/+10.9% Hasbro9, My Little Pony (My Little Pony) U.S. $302 million/+20.1% Hasbro 10, Hot Wheels U.S. $272 million/+16.2% Mattel 11, Hatchimals Canada Spin Master 12, Pile Play-Doh American Hasbro 13, Mattel American Mattel 14, Kamen Rider Bandai Namco, Japan 15, Transformers (Transformers) American Hasbro 16, Magic ( Magic: The Gathering USA Hasbro 17, Air Hogs Canada Spin Master 18, Real Estate Tycoon (Monopoly) USA Hasbro 19, Dinosaur Team (Power Rangers) Bandai Namco 20, Playskool (Playskool) ) United States Hasbro 21, Dragon Ball (Dragon Ball) Japan Bandai Namco 22, Spin Master (Spin Master) Canada Spin Master 23, Mega Bloks (MEGA Bloks) United States Mattel 24, FurReal Friends United States Hasbro 25, Tomy Company (Tomy Company) Tomy
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