2020 give children a happy childhood

by:Ennas      2022-01-12
After entering 2020, parents will pay more attention to the education of their children. Starting from prenatal education and all kinds of early education, presumably this market will be very hot. Of course, the Qimeng educational toy series products will also be popular. Zanbaby Enlightenment Educational Toys are now recommended to parents in the following product series: The puzzle rattle set combines objects of different shapes to help Jiabao understand and remember the world around it, and the combination of various shapes and shapes of rattles promotes the baby’s audiovisual touch Develop and exercise the baby's coordination ability to use both hands and brain. The puzzle car series has a variety of models to choose from, which attracts the baby's interest, and the colors are rich and bright, which promotes the baby's visual development; pull the pull back car slightly back, the car will speed forward quickly, full of power, and cultivate the baby's hands-on ability; no need to pull back the design The battery is environmentally friendly and durable, thick and solid, good toughness, impact resistance, not easy to break; race with your friends to see whose car is running fast, exercise your baby's hand-eye coordination and fine hand movements, and promote your partners through games Emotional communication. Play house series freely decorate small cakes, the small accessories on the cake can be detached, and you can use your imagination to decorate your birthday cake; gorgeous luminous candles create a dream party atmosphere; Velcro cut surface, strong paste, convenient cutting, repeated use Stickiness; equipped with exquisite cake inner layer stickers, cut the cake, the cut surface is also colorful; children love to play house games, through role-playing, let children learn to share and learn to communicate. The cartoon image of the light and music series is small and exquisite, attracting the baby's interest; bright colors, rich colors, promote the baby's visual perception; a total of 4 buttons, including 6 midi and 7 buttons, including shooting button, midi button, sound effect button and switch button Interesting sound effects, and automatic shutdown function, environmental protection and energy saving; built-in LED lights, music playback accompanied by lights flashing, attracting baby's eyes and attention; product shape is round and cornerless, baby is safer to use. If you want to act as an agent, you can now leave a message for consultation through the Baby Brand Network.
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