2020 China International Preschool Education and Equipment Exhibition∣CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition Invitation Letter

by:Ennas      2021-12-13

Exhibition name: 2020 China International Preschool Education and Equipment Exhibition∣CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition Time: October 21-23, 2020 Industry: Preschool Education Supplies, Educational Equipment Pavilion: New International Expo Center Address: Pudong New Area No. 2345 Longyang Road Exhibition City: Shanghai Area: 230,000 square meters, 2,700 exhibitors, 5,000 brands, 100,000 professional buyers at home and abroad Hall: E5-7 Hall Number of sessions: 4th Session: One year One concurrent exhibition: CLE China Authorized Exhibition, CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition, CTE China Toys Exhibition Organizer: China Toys and Baby Products Association Support Unit: China Education Society Preschool Education Professional Committee Website: www.chinapreschoolexpo.com Visiting Fee: Free (only for professional visitors over the age of 16) CPE basic information: China International Preschool Education and Equipment Exhibition (abbreviated as China Early Childhood Education Exhibition, English abbreviation CPE) is sponsored by China Toys and Baby Products Association, and China Education Association provides academics and activities The supported preschool education industry expo is dedicated to promoting the healthy and rapid development of China’s preschool education industry. The exhibition is positioned as 'professionalization, branding and internationalizationIn 2020, the total number of participating brands in the China Preschool Education Expo is 900+, and there are more than 100 overseas participating brands, covering 30 countries and regions around the world. Cooperating with the Preschool Education Professional Committee of the Chinese Education Society to hold the Cross-Strait Preschool Education Forum, International Kindergarten Management and Special Courses Seminar, STEAM Education Industry Summit, Special Montessori Exhibition Area and Demonstration Classroom, and Picture Book Reading Exhibition Area to satisfy the preschool education industry The full range of needs for people to learn, communicate and purchase. Exhibition advantages: 1. Forum discussion industry authority gathering platform: China Toys and Baby Products Association, Private Education Research Institute of China Private Education Association, China Next Generation Education Foundation Preschool Educators Association, sponsored by Agile Education Group, Ziyou Co-organized by Think Tanks, Baby Eagle Baby, Geek Dad, North American Education Association, Huiyujia, Haring Education, and Teacher Creative Education Development Center. During the exhibition, the China Preschool Education Development Conference will be held. 70 industry authorities will gather in CPE to discuss the cause of preschool education in China. New trends in development. 2. New product display Trend new product release platform: set up a 'preschool education new product release area' at the exhibition site, organize special new product release conferences, and increase brand exposure. The most effective brand promotion platform: 200+ domestic media, 30+ international media, as well as the association's WeChat public account and website, etc., directly spread and promote your brand to 40,000 distributors, kindergarten principals, and heads of related institutions. 3. Accurate docking Accurate business docking platform: Enjoy customized and accurate buyer docking services throughout the year. Exploring a new direction for export: unique in China, more than 1,000 buyers from Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East made a special trip to purchase, helping kindergarten companies to develop a broad export market. Larger potential business opportunity platform: On the same stage as the four exhibitions of toys, infants, and authorization, covering preschool education and surrounding areas, 90,000+ domestic and foreign merchants will be present to provide more cross-border marketing opportunities. 4. Cross-industry integration China Toys and Baby Products Association, Beijing Zhihui Tourism and Culture Communication Company and China Meichen.com co-hosted the IP authorization ecosystem and parent-child project empowerment cultural tourism u0026 commercial real estate development conference, integrating IP, parent-child, cultural The integration of tourism real estate and commercial real estate will expand the diversified development path and achieve the effect of '1+1+1>3'. Concurrent activities: Pre-school education conference Montessori classroom scene exhibition professional display, expert explanation, for kindergarten principals, distributors, and investors to intuitively learn Montessori teaching system, which has been unanimously praised. Dozens of new preschool education products and courses related to sports, STEAM, construction, art and labor, performance, and puzzles will be released on the spot. The Preschool Education Omni-channel Business Matchmaking Conference organizes special sessions for kindergartens, distributors and science and technology museums to more effectively promote the precise and efficient business connection between exhibitors and visitors. Exhibits: Educational toys: SETAM, robots, Montessori, puzzle/art and crafts/construction/science, sports equipment, performances; picture books of course materials: Chinese studies, music, English, sports, and elementary school connection; garden management: management system , Teacher training, garden incubation/joining, decoration design; preschool education equipment: overall integrator, amusement equipment, furniture, lawn mats, bedding and garden clothing schoolbags, fresh air and water purification, environmental innovation design. Participation fee: Standard booth: 14000 yuan / 9 square meters Raw space: 1400 yuan / square meter, at least 18 square meters Contact us: Mr. Li, China Toys and Baby Products Association Tel: 010-68293681 Mobile: 13391703323 Email: lijiewei@tjpa-china .org Address: 15th Floor, Block C2, Jinmao Building, 18 Xizhimenwai Street, Beijing www.china-kids-expo.com
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