2019 the 39th annual Beijing international exhibition of gifts, gifts and household items

by:Ennas      2021-10-12
【 This exhibition. Beijing gift show - - - - - - General situation of China & bull; Beijing international exhibition of gifts, gifts and household items ( Spring) Nineteen years deep gifts in the north channel and accumulated the perfect professional buyers resources, is the gift industry recognized in the north gift household flagship shows, by a great number of high quality factory, brand operators, original design and international product as a gift in the north market platform not to be missed. Each year more than 30000 professional buyers looking for products, the exhibition selected suppliers, purchase order, the exhibition through diamond buyers matching, regional buyer meeting and online business matching and help the exhibitors accurate docking target buyers, brand promotion, channel construction and product sales, such as multiple goals. In addition, the organizers of the introduction of the present popular web celebrity broadcasts, cheng invited a number of well-known popular beauty scene around live show, exhibition and exhibitors products for comprehensive propaganda, which drives the fans with focus on the exhibition and display, let Beijing gift show brand gets great improvement. The VR red envelopes of real realized the strong interaction is to let the audience and exhibitors. For the first time to set up the new product got more exposure reveals ark to exhibitors and attention. For many of the TAP diamond VIP service, precise one-to-one matching for exhibitors and buyers, highlight the professional exhibition of commercial value. 【 Exhibition range 】 Electronics ( Consumer electronics, wearable products) Outdoor goods class cup pot, stationery, packaging and paper products, household goods, Umbrella, eat hutch, household, clothing, towels, toys, auto supplies, maternal and infant,) Bags, leather goods, hardware, cheap custom promotional product life electrical kitchen appliances health gift food festive season household textile handicraft collection watch brand products international gift show exhibitors Beijing: audience property classification 1, gift companies, public relations planning company, advertisement company 2, agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers (3 A nationwide) 4, high-end designer 5, each big star hotel, villas and other high-end property buyers and real estate developers, such as 6, Beijing each big private clubs, senior clubs, personality restaurants, stores and other personality in July and end buyers to visit the exhibition parts: bank of China, Shanghai Volkswagen, Canon, China mobile communications, Coca-Cola, China construction bank, IBM, McDonald's, BMW, LG, cofco, kodak, Honda, panasonic, HP, industrial and commercial bank of China, mitsubishi, etc
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