2019 The 10th Shandong (Jinan) International Maternity, Infant and Child Industry Expo

by:Ennas      2021-12-08

Time: May 31st to June 2nd, 2019 Location: Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center At present, China is experiencing the fourth peak of birth, and the market for maternal and child products is also booming. In 2019, China’s babies and children The development of the industry is also the coexistence of opportunities and challenges. After 20 years of development, China’s maternity and infant industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. From the era of commodity sovereignty to today’s era of consumer sovereignty, the role of retail ownership has undergone several changes. Looking at the current maternal and infant industry, sales promotion investment in 2018 has increased significantly compared to 2017. In other words, with the changes in the demographic structure and the number of newborns, the pregnancy, infant and child industry is setting off increasingly fierce competition, and no one can stand alone, whether it is brand owners or retailers. 1. Introduction to the exhibition: The Shandong Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition is scheduled to be held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center from May to June every year. '2019 China (Shandong) Maternity, Baby and Child Industry Expo' will be held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 31 to June 2, 2019. The exhibition is centered on Jinan, covering East China and the surrounding areas, bringing together children’s maternal and child food and health products, maternal and child products, infant clothing and toys, pregnancy clothing, maternity institutions, children’s photography and other industry enterprises to create a first in the maternity and infant industry chain. A station-type business trading platform. During the exhibition, several exchange meetings and summit forums will be held to create a professional industry exchange and trading platform to help enterprises achieve their dreams. 2. Visitor invitation: The organizing committee will set up a professional marketing department to invite the pregnant, infant and child industry agents in Sichuan and surrounding provinces and cities through phone calls, text messages, industry websites, outdoor advertising, cluster visits and related cooperation during the exhibition investment period. Traders, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, integrated maternal and child stores, baby and children’s clothing, department stores, trading companies, supermarkets, and consumers go to the scene to negotiate and cooperate during the exhibition. Exhibitors can meet directly with customers at the exhibition. Understand their purchasing needs and expand sales, find high-quality buyers, develop new business partners, obtain valuable sales opportunities, display the latest products, shape the brand image, and enhance the market awareness of the products. 3. Scope of the exhibition: Maternal and child products: nursing products, disinfection and cleaning products, skin care products, sanitary care products and other infant and child clothing and toys: children’s clothing, infant clothing, children’s shoes and accessories, strollers, pregnant and infant toys, children’s toys Wait. Toiletries: baby laundry detergent, fabric softener, moisturizer/lotion/oil, hip cream, hand and mouth/skin care wipes, baby soap, shampoo, shower gel, bath sponge, bathtub, etc. Food and health products: pregnancy, infant and child food, health products, snacks, milk powder, non-staple food, nutritional products, etc. Pregnancy accessories: maternity clothes, pregnant women's underwear and accessories, home textiles, etc. Maternity and infant institutions and children's photography categories: confinement clubs, prenatal education, post-natal care, post-natal recovery and other institutions; children's photo albums and photo frames, children's photography franchise, children's commemorative products and services, children's celebration event planning, etc. 4. Advantages of the exhibition: Popularity: The per capita daily traffic has reached 10,000 person-times. Most of them are principals and investors, with strong purchasing intentions. The number of visitors to the exhibition far exceeds that of similar exhibitions, and the flow is stable. Authoritative brand: Comprehensive exhibition for the pregnancy, infant and child industry, with celebrities from all walks of life including politics, business, art, education, and gold all present. Customer Accuracy: Accurately invite customer groups, including more than 1,000 medium and large institutions with strong purchasing power. Diversified publicity: Hundreds of cooperative media continue to pay attention, interview, and report, and comprehensively cover all media channels. High-quality service: meticulous customized service, full service before, during and after the exhibition to improve the efficiency of the exhibition. Resource development: The education industry at home and abroad gathered at the same period of the forum activities, and the industry's strong investors, public welfare, and government resources to help business development. 5. Participation fee: Standard booth (3×3u003d9㎡): domestic enterprise ¥6800/piece, booth enclosure, company fascia board, one negotiation table, two negotiation chairs, two spotlight brand booth area ( 3×3u003d9㎡): Domestic enterprise ¥8800/piece, booth enclosure, company fascia board, one negotiation table, four negotiation chairs, two spotlights, carpet. Special booth (rental at 36 square meters): domestic enterprises ¥700/㎡, the open space does not bring any exhibition equipment, power supply, exhibitors design by themselves, the exhibition hall will charge a special decoration management fee. 6. Contact information of the Organizing Committee: Landline: 400-600-2726 Mobile: 18615521381 (Ms. Shen) E-mail: haiming0531@163.com Registration WeChat Official Account: Parenting Maternal and Child Channel
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