2018IAC- 显示】 The Shanghai international arts and crafts and wen gen products exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-08-20
Originality technology, and enjoy life, IAC - tradition culture SHOW international arts and crafts and wen gen products exhibition on November 22, 2018 - On November 24, Shanghai exhibition center ( NECC) Organizer: co-organizers technology group co. , LTD. China: China arts and crafts association to undertake unit: the new international exhibition ( Beijing) Co. , LTD. , media cooperation: the exhibition of China art exhibition network introduction in domestic consumption upgrade, possess the characteristics of the traditional elements and contemporary arts and crafts and gen products will usher in huge opportunities for development. Need a new product market, industry needs effective channels and information. In order to promote Chinese arts and crafts and the industry innovation, upgrade and development of Chinese technology group co. , LTD, China association of arts and crafts, November 22, 2018 - 24, held in the national convention center in Shanghai international arts and crafts and a product exhibition. Museum exhibition will gather and IP authorized institutions, from traditional and fashion two directions to bring fresh cultural connotation of industry; To invite a strong online distributors, retailers, interior decoration design company and amateur, bring the purchasing power of the market and demand information industry. Held at the same time more than reflect the industry and market hot spot and a concurrent activities, help enterprise deal, spreading brand and understand the trend. We will apply the business leadership of the state and industry influence of the association, to build a service in the arts and crafts and a product of practitioners, covering design, production, trade and retail of the whole industrial chain high-end business communication platform. Focus activity China technology to the BBS and same ingenuity and technology competition award design new offline channel power of arts and crafts new Chinese brand licensing peak BBS decoration design art appreciation salon & middot; Cultural hall of 6000 + exhibition area of 3000 square meters of professional audiences exhibitors 250 + 10 + farmer BBS viiv for media PCS five theme exhibition, traditional craft ceramics - efficient search suppliers Craft ceramics, ceramics for daily use, violet arenaceous embroidery, carving process metal process Bronze, silver, cloisonne lacquer, thangka, silk printing and dyeing bamboo handicraft archaize simulation handicraft four treasures of classical furniture national folk arts and crafts arts and crafts and intangible products incorporating international arts and crafts pavilion area, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pavilion area of leisure culture such as tea, tea fragrance culture jewelry jewelry jade jewelry pearl gold products digital science and technology, new media art VR/AR interactive 3 d printing text and AI intelligent hardware and IP licensing IP have institutional culture creative gift boxes consumer hand made product technology and industrial design, advertising planning museum, museum of cultural creative industrial park, and services such as related ZhanChen design adornment traditional process customization, creative household act the role ofing is tasted, clothing accessories, creative home hand made experience combining the multiple water show face to face with the target buyer
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