2018 · zhangzhou international figurine art: 'plastic' ecological spirit

by:Ennas      2021-09-25
Core tip: zhangzhou international figurine art exhibition of 2018 China · 30 in zhangzhou nanshan cultural ecology garden international small sculpture garden. In the figurine art exhibition received from more than 70 countries and regions in the world's 322018 China art 30 in zhangzhou zhangzhou international figurine of nanshan cultural ecology garden international small sculpture garden. In the figurine art exhibition received from more than 70 countries and regions (3211 Group) Small sculptures, after selection, a total of 46 outstanding works will be exhibited permanent landing south lake. 'The art show is the world's multi-cultural communication platform, and art to zhangzhou city public space and green ecological building is getting better and better. '2018 China · zhangzhou international figurine art curator Lin Shenghuang said when accepting a reporter to interview, every country different ideas and values of faith, but small statues were all very happy, so can make countries get better communion of art and culture. Both homologous, there would be no into one scene acosmia feeling. Reporter saw, the works reflect the ecological charm figurines hand in photograph reflect with the beauty of the nanshan cultural ecology garden, present a harmonious coexistence. The idea of 'my work is the human and the nature. Now of zhangzhou nature already very good, but also in unceasingly promote the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, the idea and my work is the same. 'National urban figurines hobo steering committee, deputy director of the art works in the' radical 'in the river' meixi river 'find a corner, under the statuette in scene. The hobo sighs, zhangzhou impressed me deeply, with green hills and water, flowers, is a very livable city. So I still think, in this to do a workshop, creative, there may be more inspiration. Unlike the hobo, directing committee of the national urban figurines construction art committee xu jin guo is the first time come to zhangzhou, his work home Ⅱ takes more than three months, it is in zhangzhou for inspiration. 'Let people remember homesickness, works to grounding gas. Standing in front of a work item 'xu jin guo said, home is the idea of a public identity, or the trees, the field is a kind of symbolic recollection, my work is mainly that of realistic feelings and romantic. Feeling when it comes to communication with other countries' figurine artist, has attended many international figurines creation camp xu jin guo said that the international figurine art's biggest advantage is that it is a collision between Chinese and western culture, in the process of communication. 'In fact, we are in different cultural exchanges and other fields, can be handed down from ancient times. 'It is understood that the art to' rural urban ecological city 'as the theme, excellent work figurines will permanently settled in zhangzhou international small sculpture garden, synchronous laid park landscape trails lawn, build cultural corner of the wider economic idea of' ecological + 'to the citizens show more rich and colorful figurine art achievement, bring more artistic experience.
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