2018 the third annual rings mai cooperation fair

by:Ennas      2021-08-21
“ 2018 billow mai cooperation fair ( 2018澜沧江- 湄公河合作世博会) ” In continuation of previous two & other; Lancang river & ndash; Mekong countries commodity exposition & throughout; , on the basis of the success of the five rings mae enterprise group participation, government representatives, business association, head will appear on the new platform, to build billow mai cooperation mining billow mae a new opportunity for cooperation in economic, trade and cultural, waglan mai cooperation proiect. 1, the organizer: 2 units, to undertake international chamber of commerce in China, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in yunnan province branch of the east universal international exhibition co. , LTD. 3, co-sponsors: southeast Asia south of yunnan province federation of trade and economic cooperation and development, the exhibition date: on November 23, 2018 - 27 November 5, the exhibition location: kunming international convention and exhibition center, seven exhibition halls all use, 6. Exhibition area of 50000 square meters. 6, exhibition planning, billow mai cooperation pavilion; Rings mae national boutique gallery; International pavilion. Overseas comprehensive hall; New energy vehicles pavilion; Household building materials pavilion; Annatto pavilion. 7, the exhibition contents: billow mai cooperation, trade, investment, large-scale mai cooperation billow mai cooperation capacity, waglan mai cooperation culture, billow of agriculture, tourism, waglan mae mae cooperation cooperation ripples mai cooperation, waglan mai cooperation projects, billow art industry, large-scale mai mai cooperation cooperation. 8, the exhibition scope: science and technology innovation achievements, local advantage industry, human geography, history, cultural relics, opening-up, tourism services, religious culture, national culture and non-material cultural heritage, handmade works of art, special tourism products, ceramic violet arenaceous, calligraphy and painting art, root carving, woodcarving, jewelry, jade, crafts gifts, annatto furniture, art derivatives, household act the role ofing is tasted, characteristic agriculture, green food.
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