2018 the tenth China ( Xian) Craft gift collectables - autograph art collection

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
Exhibition information organization: west AnXuFeng silk road exhibition co. , LTD. , extension: 2018 - 11 - 2018-09 ~ 11 - 12 pavilion name: xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center region: China's industry crafts, art crafts exhibits categories: ceramics, root carving, wood carving, bronze series, lacquer, decoration, handicrafts, metal accessories, folk craft, etc. Collection category: jewelry and jade article, collectables - autograph hand series, antique calligraphy and painting, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, four treasures, such as cultural relic replica; Gifts and gift categories: electric business platform, household gifts, toys, crystal and glass products, electronic products, stationery, household act the role ofing is tasted. Gift tea culture: tea, zen, recommended, iron pot of tea, tea tray, tea; Annatto furniture of annatto furniture, classic furniture, mahogany small, etc. ; Exhibition is introduced in shaanxi province is the starting point of the ancient silk road, xi 'an city as a new economic hub of the silk road economic belt, on the country's economic development has important strategic status and location advantages. Xian craft gift show after nine years of meticulous planning and careful operation, since the exhibition held successively by the Chinese general chamber of commerce, business hall, shaanxi province, shaanxi province small and medium-sized enterprises promotion board, xian city business bureau, xi 'an exhibition industry development office of concern and support from the relevant government department, shaanxi collector association process gifts, gift association of guangdong province, shaanxi province chamber of commerce, as well as Beijing, shenzhen, zhejiang, fujian and so on more than 20 provinces and cities related association group to visit the exhibition. During the exhibition held by related BBS, conference, seminar, fraternity and other service the vast number of exhibitors theme activities, by showing to co-operate, exchanges and cooperation, sales orders, such as exhibition operation mode, explore the xi 'an for various enterprises and even the market has made a positive role in the west and craft gift industry has a certain influence in the country.
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