2018 Shanghai wenbo will make handicraft art feast

by:Ennas      2021-08-19
Recently, the direction of the society on the Shanghai international cultural creative creative exposition and international annatto furniture exhibition preparation handicraft art collection. The exposition will be on June 7, 2018, & ndash; The glory goes up 9 in Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center. Compared with the past, the Shanghai wenbo will highlight more, richer, more ground gas content. The exhibition to & other; Health throughout life & artistic originality; As the theme, creating & other; Chinese handicraft art former display & throughout; 。 With a ceramic and modern arts and crafts exhibition, a total of 9 big exhibition, exhibits covering sculpture, pottery and porcelain, embroidery, painting and other 10 kinds of jewelry, crafts, 65 kinds of tens of thousands of varieties. Culture, agglomeration, display and promotion in the cultivation of innovation ability, is the Shanghai wenbo will highlight its competitiveness, avoid held with other regional culture expo & other; Homogeneity & throughout; The key point. Annual premium BBS topic is often theory often new, hot issues surrounding culture, explore and seek the way of crack, mutual understanding. In addition, on the display content, in addition to the cultural heritage, folk customs, wenbo will show every year all over the country in the field of culture creative product, including all kinds of art, performing arts, creative design, digital publishing, etc. Organisers wenbo rising Shanghai internationalization level, could be greatly expand its overseas influence. According to the & other; Reflect international perspective, focusing on cultural theme, highlight the characteristics of China & throughout; Request, with the international first-class standard, actively absorb domestic and foreign advanced management mode and office will experience, wenbo will improve Shanghai spirit, will strive to Shanghai wenbo will make the banner of cultural industry. As an indicator of China's cultural industry, Shanghai wenbo with powerful trade and exports and focus on the forging of culture brand, has become an important platform to promote the development of China's culture industry and power. After years of honed, Shanghai will wenbo has grown to & other; China's culture industry no. 1 & throughout; And become a business card of Shanghai culture, a business card of China's cultural industry, cultural industry and the world of a business card. Over the years, Shanghai adhere to innovation-driven strategy, give full play to the high-tech city, international financial center cities and coastal tourism resource advantage, promote cultural ideas and design services and related industries, cultivate & other; Culture + & throughout; New formats, make leading enterprises and famous brands, improving the quality of the development of cultural creative industry, structural reforms to make a new exploration for the supply side. Is particularly important, in this journey a remarkable cultural development, Shanghai urban civilization will not only get exercise and sublimation, makes the Chinese spirit, Chinese style, Chinese style thrives in cultural inheritance, contributing to global governance more Chinese wisdom, and to provide more Chinese plan, let the Chinese culture and the culture of other countries together hand in hand to promote the development of human civilization progress. The extension from June 7 to 9, 2018. The wenbo is committed for Shanghai residents to provide high-end platform for cultural appreciation and cultural consumption, make Shanghai citizens closer to appreciate Chinese arts and crafts industry forefront, feel the unique charm of arts and crafts, bring people spirit and the double enjoyment on the vision, to meet the cultural needs of the general public. In the opening ceremony that day, will also be a Chinese arts and crafts industry data of 2017 conference, announced to the public on the national arts and crafts industry in recent years, economic indicators related to exports, trade, innovation and development of operating information, authoritative information release leading the direction of Chinese arts and crafts industry.
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