2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo builds a STEM exchange platform

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

The 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo will be held in the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center for International Sourcing in December this year. The Expo will be guided by the Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation and the Shanghai Education Society, the Shanghai Science Education Volunteers Association, and Shanghai Hengzan Sponsored by Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., this expo integrates international resources and displays diversified STEM products. It aims to build a platform for STEM education exchanges at home and abroad, connect governments, schools, commercial institutions and consumers, and concentrate cutting-edge STEM education products and services. The exhibition is an international event for the STEM education industry. In addition to gathering cutting-edge industry exhibitors, displaying brand-new STEM products, and building a new experience space, this expo will also be a seminar event for domestic and foreign STEM industry experts. Industry experts and scholars from home and abroad will gather in Shanghai for international sourcing The exhibition center will deliver keynote speeches on topics such as the development, evolution, and application of STEM. The exhibition site also provides opportunities for STEM products, STEM project service companies and end consumers to answer questions. The forum brings together top international STEM education experts to discuss topics. The forum activities during the hot industry expo are very interesting. At present, it includes Apple certified educator, Apple’s outstanding educator Abdul Chohan, Timstar managing director, BESA science group chairman Paul Harrington, Olli Vallo, co-founder of Kokoa Standard, Susan Stroh Wells, founder and CEO of TechTerra Education, Chen Weixin, editor and reviewer of Shanghai Education Press and founder of China Mind Olympics, Ji Maoye, founding CEO of Cold Spring Port Asia, and co-founder and CEO of DFRobot The big names in the field of STEM education, including Ye Chen, will gather at the Expo to analyze the concept of STEM education, showcase the most cutting-edge STEM education products and services, and support more creative and thoughtful young people in exchanges and interactions. The STEM education industry provides more fresh blood. Among the experts and scholars who will attend the conference, there is no shortage of STEM education leaders. Ji Maoye is a postdoctoral fellow of Michael Wigler, a member of the American Academy of Sciences. He is engaged in computational biology research and is mainly responsible for data analysis and management of high-throughput gene chips. Ji Maoye founded Cold Spring Harbor Asia (CSHA) in 2008 to provide the world's first-class series of academic conference services for China and the Asia-Pacific scientific community. In 2016, Ji Maoye established the Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center. Its purpose is to increase the scientific interest of the whole people, especially young people, to cultivate students' scientific thinking methods through lively and interesting teaching, and to share the latest scientific progress and fun with the public. Susan Stroh Wells, founder and CEO of TechTerra Education, is also a senior practitioner of STEM education. TechTerra Education cooperates with companies around the world to customize learning solutions through innovative tools and find innovative educational technology tools around the world , To provide students with practical STEM courses, and provide educators with professional development and innovative learning environment training. Constructing a space for STEM activity experience to create a STEM charm that is both educational and entertaining. In addition to expert seminars, the theme of this expo is closely related to current STEM education hotspots, including: the number one STEM in the future and how to design an attractive STEM learning experience The 6 key principles of the world, are you ready for the rise of robots, and integrating the needs of children with special needs into the next generation of classroom learning. The 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo will adopt new technologies that combine real and virtual scenes, through the combination of games, VR, robots, and STEM thinking models, to provide audiences with immersive experience services and host interesting interactive activities, such as: Himalayas-with Sound tells about science, waste wood robot competition, exploration of space, exploration of earth’s treasures, magical DNA, exploration of ancient creatures, brilliant origami art, intimate contact with the four great inventions-movable type printing, etc., so that children can feel To the real fun of learning, let the audience experience the charm of STEM education. The Organizing Committee of the Expo stated: 'Our vision is to allow more people to pay attention to science and technology education and our next generation through market-oriented promotion and commercialization activities. We also hope that STEM education can give back to us. The special children who pay attention to bring more inspiration and joy to these special children.” The 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo will promote the localization and development of STEM education in China. While promoting the STEM education model, it will enable young people to enjoy Feel the real joy of learning in practice, and then learn to solve problems with innovative, scientific, and diversified ways of thinking.
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