2018 China•Western Early Childhood Education Annual Meeting

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

With the rapid development of technology such as mobile internet, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, etc., how will the learning mode, teaching mode and school structure of the preschool education industry be affected in the future? In the context of the 'change' and 'unchanged' in the future, in the future development of preschool education, what are the true principles of education that people should adhere to? In the future, how should people allocate educational resources more reasonably, eliminate the educational gap between urban and rural areas, and better achieve educational equity? In order to implement the '13th Five-Year Plan' for the development of national education, lead the scientific and healthy implementation of kindergarten care and education, promote the fair supply of high-quality resources for preschool education and the improvement of the quality of kindergarten care and education, deepen educational cooperation and exchanges between the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and promote preschool International cooperation and exchanges in education, the 2018 China West (Chengdu) Early Childhood Education Annual Conference is scheduled to be held at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 14th to 15th, and the 2018 China (Chengdu) Early Childhood Education Exhibition will be held as scheduled. The future has come, let us listen to the voice of future preschool education together. 1. The theme of the conference: Smart preschool education, focusing on the future 2. Time schedule: December 14-15, 2018. 3. Conference location Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center 4. Participants 1. Well-known experts, scholars, and authorities in the preschool education industry at home and abroad; 2. Relevant persons in charge of the education administrative departments of various provinces and cities; 3. The Council of the China Private Education Association, Members of the Board of Supervisors; 4. The principals, deputy principals, key teachers and principals of well-known chain kindergartens throughout the country. 5. Suppliers of teaching materials, educational toys, courses and other preschool education supplies and resources at home and abroad. 5. Conference content The 2018 China West (Chengdu) Early Childhood Education Annual Conference gathered more than 100 experts, scholars, and social elites in capital, academic, education and other fields at home and abroad, with the theme of 'Smart Early Childhood Education, Roundtable forums, project launch conferences and other forms, multi-level, multi-dimensionality to carry out the collision and exchanges of China’s preschool education industry on education and teaching management methods and innovative educational concepts, to launch in-depth discussions on the development of preschool education in the future, and to promote the growth and development of the industry fusion. l International preschool education and new trends l Technology assists preschool education l Teaching and research hotspot l Global excellent education model l Picture book teaching and children reading l Private kindergarten operation and management l Innovative courses l Professional growth of kindergarten teachers l Professional growth of principals l Kindergarten environment creation l Classic Management leads the future of kindergartens. Private preschool education investment and financing and brand development content are in-depth and comprehensive, covering preschool education management, education technology, education capital, natural camp education, K12 teacher development, etc.; exchange cutting-edge preschool education concepts and share management practical experience; Explore the vertical and horizontal trends of the industry and grasp the trend of the preschool education industry. 6. Guest speakers 7. Conference registration and fees (attached: registration form) The conference service fee of the participants is 680 yuan/person, and the boarding and lodging expenses need to be borne by themselves. Registration method: Contact the organizing committee and send the registration form to haiming0531@163.com. 8. Special Reminders 1. The conference is limited in size. Delegates are requested to register as soon as possible. Participants can pay the conference fee in advance. Please indicate the registration unit and contact information when transferring funds. 2. In order to facilitate conference arrangements, please try your best to complete the registration and payment before December 12, 2018. Those who do not respond to the registration information in time will not be able to guarantee the qualifications and reception of the conference. 9. Contact information of the organizing committee Contact number of the Organizing Committee of China Preschool Education Exhibition: 400-600-2726/18615521382 Official website address: www.chinapeexpo.com Official WeChat Public number: Preschool Education Industry Information September 20, 2018 Attachment
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