2018 China ( Linyi) International household act the role ofing is tasted and crafts fair

by:Ennas      2020-06-04
According to the survey, as & other; Throughout the hardcover check-in &; Become the inevitable trend in the real estate and the personalized needs of people to be resided to the home environment, & other; Light is repaired, heavy adornment & throughout; Become a trend in modern home design, household act the role ofing is tasted collection of ornamental, in a functional, and become a highlight personalized household & other; The main character & throughout; And, therefore, home decoration industry and market in the rapid development and expansion in recent years. As is known to all, & other; Commercial and trade city, logistics, capital & throughout; - - - - - - - - - - - - Linyi, is China's earliest professional wholesale market and north China's largest commodity distribution center, rely on advanced logistics radiation ability, covering the whole country become concentrated all kinds of goods wholesale and distribution of the country's choice. Household act the role ofing is tasted as individualized product, the attribute of experiential marketing make & other; Linyi household act the role of exhibition & throughout; Become the only way for products into the vast market in north China, but also promote the fast development of industries booster! Conform to the trend, the 2018 China ( Linyi) International household act the role ofing is tasted and crafts fair on April 13, 2018 15, held in linyi international conference and exhibition center. The exhibition to & other; Superior domestic act the role ofing, fashion life & throughout; As the theme, across the country are invited to home decoration industry enterprises, shows the latest trends and leading household act the role ofing is tasted, together for the industry to build a nationwide distribution agent, wholesale purchase and terminal sales for the integration of excellent exhibition trade platform! Exhibition range: 1, home furnishing articles: decoration furnishing articles, pottery and porcelain, glass and crystal products, metal crafts, wooden products, wicker products, straw products, flower plants, fish tank aquarium, etc. 2, home textile fabric, bedding, pillow pillows, tapestries, curtain, antependium, national decoration, cloth art product, etc. 3, household items: classic furniture, lamp act the role ofing, mirrors, wall clock, hanging carpet, etc. 4, home services: home decoration design company, domestic outfit design software, installation accessories, etc.
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