2017CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair publicizes hero posts to promote the new development of non-standard enterprises

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

Deng Xiaoping once said in the last century when discussing the reform of China's market economy system, 'It doesn't matter if a white cat or a black cat catches a mouse, it is a good cat'. This sentence is used in the development of non-standard baby products companies. With the same effect, the implementation of the second-child policy has further stimulated the development of the market, and non-standard enterprises will also usher in new opportunities for development. In the past, the development of non-standard products has been facing a relatively embarrassing situation. On the one hand, market demand is increasing, but it is not proportional to market demand. The visibility and authority necessary for the development of non-standard products are relatively low. In the baby products industry, in order to meet the needs of specific products, a large number of non-standard products have emerged. At this time, the appropriate display channels have become a must for enterprise development. In October 2017, the China Baby and Child Fair will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The China International Baby and Child Products Fair (abbreviated as: CKE China Baby and Child Fair) is the leading international professional trading platform for baby and child products in China. The Baby Products Association and the Cologne Exhibition in Germany are jointly organized. The China Toys and Baby Products Association is still the only national toy and baby products industry association in China, which shows the strength of the China Baby and Children Exhibition. The China Baby u0026 Children Fair has an area of u200bu200b180,000 square meters and can accommodate 1,900 exhibitors. In October this year, the China Baby u0026 Children Fair created commendable results. A total of 1,700 exhibitors entered the exhibition and the number of visitors reached 65,467. The China Baby u0026 Children Fair is called the vane and barometer of the development of the baby products industry, and some people praise it as a gluttonous information for the baby products industry. As the industry's authoritative exhibition, the China Baby u0026 Children Fair will provide more non-standard products in 2017. opportunity. In order to better promote the development of non-standard product enterprises, CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition will focus on creating non-standard product featured theme exhibition areas, including baby and children's clothing shoes, baby bottles, pacifiers, etc. Supplies, toiletries, baby food supplements, etc., to provide more infant and child products companies with a broader display stage to help them effectively develop domestic and foreign markets. This kind of super support is for non-standard products companies. It is very important. Now China Baby u0026 Children Fair is issuing invitation letters to major non-standard products companies. Booth subscription in 2017 has begun. In order to meet the needs of different companies, China Baby u0026 Children Fair has set up a variety of booths, including standard booths of 1,400 yuan per square meter. The minimum is 12 square meters, the raw space booth is 1,200 yuan/square meter, and the minimum is 36 square meters. In order to better provide exhibitors with high-quality services and standardized management, a registration fee of 2,000 yuan must be paid. Members of the China Toys and Baby Products Association and star-rated customers can enjoy discounts. The discount period is before May 31, 2017. Strength and value are directly proportional. In order to better grasp business opportunities and drive the development of non-standard products enterprises, It's time to act now.
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