2017 Wuhan Maternity, Baby and Child Products and Service Expo Invitation Letter

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

Exhibition background Two-child policy to stimulate new population According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2014, the total population of the country in 2014 was 136.82 million, of which 225.58 million were 0-14 years old, accounting for 16.5%. The population of 0-14 years old in the five central provinces is 61.629 million, accounting for 27.3% of the national market. In October 2015, the country announced the implementation of a comprehensive two-child policy. With the full liberalization of the second-child policy, experts estimate that the next four years will bring a total of 15.75 million new people, which will stimulate the growth of infant and child-related consumption, and it is expected to bring about a consumption space of nearly 100 billion. New milk powder policy promotes market reshuffle The State Administration of Food and Drug Administration will implement the 'Administrative Measures for the Registration of Infant Formula Milk Powder Product Formula' from October 1, 2016, and China's infant milk powder market will experience a reshuffle. The industry predicts that after the implementation of the New Deal, the milk powder formula on the domestic market will be reduced by 80%; at the same time, cross-border and overseas shopping milk powder will face more stringent adjustments and restraints. Terminal deformation in response to demand escalation According to data from authoritative survey agencies, in the maternal and infant product consumption channels, online shopping accounts for less than 20%, pharmacy channels account for about 10%, and pregnant and baby stores account for 70%. These data indicate that maternity, infant and child stores are still the mainstream channel for the consumption of maternal and infant products. In the fierce market competition, on the one hand, Central China’s maternity, infant and child stores have developed chain stores and operated on a large scale; on the other hand, they have taken the initiative to integrate and develop into confinement clubs, early education centers, baby swimming pools and other maternal and child services to adapt to consumption upgrades. Aggregate resources to enhance exhibition services. The 2017 Wuhan Maternity, Infant and Child Products and Service Expo (“Wuhan Maternity, Infant and Child Expo” for short) takes the responsibility of serving the industry and promoting development as its own responsibility. Conferences, competitions, activities and other colorful forms are presented to build a professional platform for information sharing and trade exchanges in the pregnancy, infant and child industry. Exhibits 1. Baby food: milk powder, complementary food, nutrition, health products and snacks, etc.; 2. Baby products: diapers, wet wipes, baby bottles, water cups, washing and nursing, baby carriages, cribs, furniture, car seats Chairs, etc.; 3. Baby clothing: pregnant and baby underwear, shoes, clothing and accessories, home textiles, etc.; 4. Baby entertainment: toys, amusement facilities, photography, souvenir production, etc.; 5. Baby education: teaching aids, books, Electronic products and early education, preschool education and other service institutions; 6. Maternal and child services: special products for pregnant women and confinement clubs, maternal and child hospitals, etc.; 7. Maternal and child e-commerce: e-commerce that provides maternal, infant and child products and services. Publicity and promotion 1. Self-media promotion: establish the official website of the exhibition, Weibo, WeChat, and promote the exhibition, exhibitors and conferences online; mail the invitation letter for exhibition visits; send the exhibition electronic newsletter regularly to continuously update the relevant service information of the exhibition. 2. Professional media promotion: establish cooperative relations with professional media such as China Baby.com, Hot Baby.com, Maternal and Child Street, Cradle.com, Toy Valley, China Brand Children's Clothing Network, China Toys and Baby Network, and promote the exhibition online. 3. Database promotion: One-to-one exhibition promotion will be conducted through telephone, email, SMS, WeChat, etc., based on the established professional audience database of maternity and infant products agents, distributors, maternal and child stores, children's clothing stores, pharmacies, service organizations, etc. . 4. Promotion by cooperating institutions: joint promotion by the government, associations, mass media, and well-known exhibitors. Types of audience 1. Persons in charge of maternal and child products agents, distributors, maternal and child stores, pharmacies, etc.; 2. Persons in charge of chain supermarkets, department stores, and infant and child products stores, etc.; 3. Persons in charge of institutions such as early education, preschool education, and children’s playground ; 4. Investors, franchisees, and online distributors who intend to enter the pregnancy, infant and child industry. Concurrent activities (planned) 1. Pregnancy and Infant Industry Angel Meeting Roadshow Conference 2. Pregnancy, Infant and Child Store Product Display Contest and Limited Time Sale 3. Pregnancy, Infant and Child Community Marketing Service Sharing Session 4. Central China Baby Nursery Festival 5. Children's Wear Model Contest 6. New product launch conference participation fee 1. Standard booth: 6800 yuan/piece (3m×3m standard booth configuration: three-sided display board, one fascia board, one table, two chairs, 220V/5A power socket, two spotlights ). 2. Vacant land: 700 yuan/square meter for domestic enterprises (the rent starts at 36 square meters, without any facilities). Contact Information Wuhan Zhaoming Exhibition Co., Ltd. Tel: 027-8787 5695, 8787, 5707 Email: 1789224684@qq.com Address: Room 102-05, Building C6, Optics Valley Software Park, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province Official website http://:www. whcbme.com WeChat Wuhan Maternity and Baby Expo
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