2017 Wuhan Maternity, Baby and Child Expo creates a new model of exhibition service

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

On June 16-18, 2017, the Wuhan Maternity and Infant Expo hosted by the Wuhan Toys and Baby Products Association will be unveiled at the Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center with convenient transportation. Before the official start of the exhibition, the project team will provide exhibitors with diversified value-added services: 1. Comprehensive online marketing to increase the visibility of exhibits. After the customer decides to participate in the exhibition, the project team will publish the exhibiting company and product information on the official website of the exhibition and the WeChat official account; the exhibitors’ special new products are still cooperating with professional media such as China Baby Net, Maternal and Child Street, Global Baby Net, Toys said and other websites for professional promotion. At the same time, the project team built a pre-show interactive communication platform for enterprises through the exhibition QQ group and WeChat group. 2. The pre-show association activities help exhibitors to open up new channels. On February 28, 2017, the project team arranged for exhibitors to participate in the Hubei release conference of local standards for the first domestic confinement center in order to connect confinement clubs, maternity hospitals and other institutional channel resources. In the later stage, the project team will continue to coordinate exhibitors to connect with the member resources of the Baby Care Industry Association, Toys and Baby Products Association, and Preschool Education Research Association. 3. Database marketing helps exhibits directly face the terminal. The project team will conduct one-to-one exhibition information through telephone, email, SMS, WeChat, etc. to the professional audience database of past maternity and infant products agents, distributors, maternal and child stores, children's clothing stores, pharmacies, early education centers, and preschool education institutions. Promotion. 4. Share the venture investment platform in the field of pregnancy, infants and children. Based on the investment and financing needs of exhibitors, the project team will promptly recommend relevant entrepreneurial projects to the angel investment platform to facilitate the seamless connection between exhibitors and angel investors. The 2017 Wuhan Maternity, Infant and Child Expo will deliberately create a new value-added service model and cover all exhibiting customers throughout the process.
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