2017 Shenzhen International Preschool Education Industry Summit Forum ended successfully!

by:Ennas      2021-11-04

From 13:00 to 18:00 on November 25, 2017, the Shenzhen International Preschool Education Industry Summit, which shakes the country, was successfully held in the Tulip Hall on the 6th floor of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center! Hundreds of industry leaders focused on this. In addition, the industry giants attending this event include: Du Baiyan, Chairman of Hafovo New Education Group; Lian Ke, Director of Songbao Kingdom Preschool Education Project; Director of South China Region, Red, Yellow and Blue Chain Development Center Qiu Mingying; Li Hua, senior lecturer of the babble reading project; Wu Dapeng, chairman of Beijing Lebeier International Music Education Group; Sun Dawei, director and deputy general manager of Shenzhen XBerry Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.; Ma, business director of Dongguan Guanshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Min. They have conducted in-depth discussions closely around the theme 'New Opportunities, New Challenges'. They have used their own unique methods to interpret the commercial value of this forum and analyze the broad prospects of the industry. The forum site also held an award ceremony for the winners of the '2017 Preschool Education Industry's Most Influential Brand Selection' activity. The companies that won the 'Top Ten Quality Suppliers of the Year' include: Shenzhen Westberry Mobile Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Kong Footcare Limited, China Vision (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and Gelin Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.; won the 'Top Ten of the Year' 'Innovative brand' companies include: 'Eila Reading(Shenzhen) Science and Education Co., Ltd., Beijing Pan Yali Dou Wenchuang Book Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinge Education Consulting Co., Ltd., Shandong Lanbo Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., Dolphin Media Co., Ltd.; Companies include: Shenzhen Meixi Gantong Information Consulting Co., Ltd., Bodun International Education Group, Yang Fan Leading Education Group; the winner of the 'Industry Man of the Year' is Wen Anjie, chairman of Pengcheng Baby Education Group. The successful convening of this forum will shake the whole country and have attracted the close attention of industry professionals in related fields. The 'Preschool Education Industry Summit Forum' has set off a climax for a while and has become a topic of focus!
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