2017 Guangzhou International Play Teaching Aids and Amusement Equipment Exhibition Invitation Letter

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

2017 Guangzhou International Childhood Education Supplies u0026 Equipment Expo 2017 Guangzhou International Childhood Education Supplies u0026 Equipment Expo Concurrent: 2017 China Preschool Education Resources Expo Time: March 18-20, 2017 Location: Pazhou. Nan Fung International Convention and Exhibition Center [Exhibition background 】 As the country’s investment in early childhood education continues to increase, the market for early childhood education equipment is huge. In order to promote the further development of early childhood education in China and international trade cooperation, the Ministry of Education's Work Points in 2015 Regarding the running of pre-school education, it is strictly forbidden to teach in advance in kindergartens. The content of elementary school education requires kindergartens to use games as their basic activities. At the same time, the first grade of elementary school is required to insist on 'zero-start' teaching. The pre-school education equipment market will have a broader development prospect. Education and various courses are more perfectly integrated. The Guangzhou Preschool Education Exhibition is newly upgraded, bringing together more than 300 well-known brands in the country, comprehensively displaying preschool education supplies and equipment. At the same time, the China Preschool Education Summit will be held, and well-known experts will be discussed and exchanged. Share experience. The 2017 Guangzhou Preschool Education Exhibition will be held in Pazhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18th to 20th. The exhibition area of u200bu200bthis exhibition will reach 250 million square meters, attracting educational institutions from all over the country, leaders of educational equipment from various provinces and cities, and preschool education experts , More than 10,000 park directors and investors and more than 3,000 distributors actively participated to promote the all-round development of high-quality educational resources. [Audience group] Ø Heads of public or private kindergartens at all levels, principals of primary and middle schools Ø Education management, teaching and research departments of all provinces and cities across the country; Ø Education and training institutions, education consulting institutions; Ø Distributors, agents, channel providers; Ø Government-related Department heads, industry experts Ø Education system integrators; Ø Education investors and related media, etc.; [Exhibition scope] Amusement equipment: indoor and outdoor amusement facilities for children, large-scale amusement equipment, slide series, swing series, climbing series, indoor Outer naughty castle series, game house, bounce series, seesaw series, remote horse and swing machine series, ball pool series, fitness equipment series, leisure chair series, rubber floor mats, etc. Preschool toys: wooden toys, educational toys, building blocks, puzzles, desktop toys, teaching toys, learning toys, physical education toys and other garden facilities: wall paving materials, kindergarten school buses and supporting equipment, kindergarten cleaning facilities products, Kindergarten decoration design categories such as security and monitoring equipment for kindergartens: floor paving materials, environmental protection floors, floor mats, kindergarten environmental design, etc. Early childhood education institutions: early childhood education institutions, early childhood education centers, parent-child centers, early childhood education research and development institutions, kindergarten franchise, early childhood education consulting agencies Preschool education supplies: kindergarten bedding and school uniforms, school bags, kindergarten books, children’s publications, children’s desks and chairs, kindergarten tableware, kindergarten furniture, children’s growth tables and chairs, bookshelves, stationery, painting supplies, plasticine, animation audio-visual products, safety Fences, preschool musical instruments, new white (black) boards, plant specimens, manual courses, game courses, scientific experiment courses, preschool books, textbooks for left and right brain development, and other preschool education equipment: kindergarten APP software, touch one machine, AR technology, content provider (Courseware resources, streaming media, reading, animation, games, music), education cloud solutions, digital education cloud services, etc. [VIP professional audience] All pre-registered professional audiences can directly go to the pre-registered audience counter at the exhibition site with their pre-registration number , Get free visitor badge, conference catalogue, and visit guide [Welcome to consult the organizing committee] Guangzhou Obi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Tel: 020-28859952 Fax: 020-62824993 Website: www.cpeexpo.cn Contact: Teacher Yuan 186 2003 2551 Address: No. 61 East, Dongpu Erma Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
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