2017 CTE China Toy Fair-Exhibitor Invitation Letter

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

Full name: The 16th China International Toys and Educational Equipment Exhibition Date: October 18-20, 2017 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center Area: 180,000 square meters Exhibitors: 2,000 Organizers: China Toys and Baby Products Association, China Gongmei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Number of exhibitors in the previous session: 1,700 Number of visitors in the previous session: 65,467 Official website: www.china-toy-expo.com Keywords: Toy Fair, Preschool Education Supplies Exhibition, Educational Equipment Exhibition, Amusement Equipment Exhibition Overview: China International Toys and Educational Equipment Exhibition (abbreviated as CTE China Toy Exhibition) was founded in 2002 and is held in Shanghai every October. As a comprehensive business platform for the toy and preschool education supplies industry, the 16th CTE China Toy Fair in 2017 will continue to maintain its leading position in Asia. Interpret new trends and trends in the industry, achieve brand enhancement, channel sinking optimization, and cross-border cooperation. Exhibition advantages: domestic professional international exhibitions, overseas brand layout, the bridgehead of the Chinese market, CTE China Toy Fair attracts nearly 500 international brands from more than 20 countries and regions around the world to actively participate each year, the United States pavilion, the German pavilion, the Korean pavilion, and the Chinese Taiwan The pavilion and the Hong Kong pavilion collectively rushed to the beach, taking advantage of their efforts to find agents at the provincial and municipal levels in China to share the business opportunities of the New Deal for the second child. Gathering channel vendors at all levels at home and abroad to successfully achieve channel sinking, new partners expand CTE China Toy Fair Overseas buyers from 130 countries, domestic buyers covering more than 500 cities, can help exhibitors successfully achieve channel sinking, and buyers In addition to traditional distributors, there are also channel providers such as self-media platforms and gifts, which can help companies achieve cross-border cooperation and open up new business partners. Concentration of national brands in the production area pavilions, shaping the brand image and enhancing market awareness CTE China Toy Fair Guangdong Chenghai Plastic, Dongguan, Shenzhen Electronics, Fujian Jinjiang Plastic Electronics, Zhejiang Yunhe Wood, Shandong Plush, Linyi Kindergarten Supplies, Zhejiang Yongjia, Jiangsu Baoying amusement equipment, Ningbo baby stroller, child safety seat, Pinghu electric car, Hebei Pingxiang, Guangzong stroller, Hubei Hanchuan, Shandong Tengzhou stroller, etc. 20 major bases organized groups to participate in the exhibition, relying on shaping the brand image and enhancing market awareness. Concentrated display in the special hall area to meet the needs of educational toys and preschool education equipment companies. CTE China Toy Fair maintains the advantages of toy categories while expanding the expansion of the preschool education product segment market. Educational toys, preschool education equipment, and amusement equipment companies are in charge of purchasing equipment at the docking equipment center, preschool equipment purchasers, integrators and first-line directors, teachers and researchers, etc., to easily find high-quality new partners and jointly develop valuable cooperation opportunities. Organize special business exchange meetings to promote accurate and efficient docking with new service features. The association continues to improve the professional service level of the exhibition. At the same time, CTE China Toy Fair provides customized services for different types of enterprises and different types of channels, and organizes special procurement exchange meetings. Comprehensive toys, preschool education supplies, amusement equipment specials, supermarkets, shopping malls, maternal and child stores, etc., more than ten exchange meetings were held simultaneously, one-to-one precise negotiation, matching in advance, and significant orders. Guests at home and abroad help out the wonderful forum and provide unexpected business opportunities.    CTE China Toy Fair is not only an exhibition, but also an industry event. In the same period, the star supplier plan, the safety commitment brand promotion, the industry windmill award selection, leading the new trend of China's consumption-the most market potential product launch conference in 2018, the international play teaching aid teaching director forum, the semester education future development forum, 'design The launch of the “New Forces” school-enterprise matchmaking meeting will help exhibitors achieve diversified benefits and promote business leaps and bounds! Exhibits: Toys: plush software, dolls, wooden, electronic electric, plastic, educational puzzles, children's riding, holiday party supplies, plastic inflatables, etc.; preschool education: teaching toys, teaching utensils, books and reading materials, art and crafts Supplies, early education machines and software, children’s furniture, early education institutions; large combined amusement equipment, slides, swings, climbing, indoor and outdoor naughty castle series, trampolines, rocking horses, fitness equipment series, rubber floor mats, artificial turf, etc.; models Machinery: airplane models, car models, ship models, architectural models, military models, train models, animal models, simulation models, die-casting and metal toys, etc.; Others: testing institutions, accessories, raw materials, etc. Charging standard: Standard booth: 1,400 yuan/square meter, minimum 9 square meters; raw space: 1,200 yuan/square meter, minimum 36 square meters; exhibitor registration fee: 2,000 yuan; Preferential: Association members, star customers enjoy discounts, promotion period 2017 Before May 31 of the year. Contact Information: Booth Reservation Consultation: Guo Meng Priority Health Tel: 010-66038881-207 New Product Purchase Consultation: Mr. Li Zhen Tel: 010-66038881-228 Official Website: www.china-toy-expo.com
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