2017 CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition-Invitation to Participate

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

Full name: China International Baby Products Exhibition Date: October 18-20, 2017 Exhibition Hall: Shanghai New International Expo Center Area: 180,000 square meters Exhibitors: 2,000 Organizers: China Toys and Baby Products Association, Germany Cologne Exhibition Concurrent Exhibition: China Toy Fair Number of sessions held: 16th, Number of exhibitors at the previous session: 1,700 Number of visitors at the previous session: 65,467 Official website: www.china-kids-expo.com Keywords: Maternal and Child Expo, Maternal and Child Product Exhibition, Child Safety Seat Exhibition Exhibition Overview: China International Baby Products Exhibition (abbreviated as: CKE China Baby Products Exhibition) is a leading international professional trading platform for baby products in China. The Cologne Exhibition is jointly held in Shanghai every October to help brands and manufacturers such as strollers, child safety seats, baby furniture, children's clothing and children's shoes, toiletries, feeding supplies, and baby food supplements and health products, develop domestic and foreign trade. The market helps department stores, supermarkets, maternal and child chains, provincial and municipal agents, and purchasers to find international high-quality brands and first-hand sources of supply, and enhance channel competitiveness. Advantages of the exhibition: Authority of the organizer: As a national industry association, China Toys and Baby Products Association has its members basically composed of industry backbone enterprises, international brands and agents. It plays an important role in helping companies develop domestic sales and foreign trade channels. The role is wider and the influence is more far-reaching. Cologne Fair is currently one of the largest professional exhibition organizers in the world. It successfully organizes more than 80 international exhibitions every year, leading the world's 25 industry fairs, including the well-known Cologne International Children's Products Fair Kind + Jugend, a resource for overseas buyers Uniquely blessed. Highly recognized by buyers at home and abroad: CKE China Baby u0026 Children's Show exhibitors are positioned mainly for production-oriented enterprises and brand owners, and their buyers are high-level import and export traders, agent dealers, department stores, supermarkets, and chain channel dealers. In 2016, the number of professional buyers reached 65,467, of which overseas buyers came from 130 countries and regions; domestic buyers covered more than 500 cities, and the growth of department stores, large and medium-sized mother and baby chains, and emerging distributors was particularly significant. There are more opportunities for non-standard product display: In addition to maintaining the original advantages of baby strollers and safety seats, the CKE China Baby Show will focus on creating a special theme exhibition area for non-standard products, including baby and children’s shoes, feeding bottles, pacifiers and other feeding supplies, washing Nursing products, complementary foods for infants and young children, etc., provide more infant and child products companies with a broader display stage to help them effectively develop domestic and foreign markets. The special matchmaking meeting is accurate and efficient:    CKE China Baby u0026 Children Show is a professional service provider, providing customized services for different types of enterprises and different types of channels, and organizing special procurement exchange meetings. Baby strollers, safety seats, supplementary food supplies, shopping malls, maternal and baby chains, large e-commerce, self-media and other procurement exchange meetings, one-to-one negotiation, precise matching, and remarkable results. Global guests help out the new trend:   CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition is not only an exhibition, but also an industry event. At the same time, the star supplier program, safety commitment brand promotion, industry windmill award selection, leading the new trend of China's consumption-the 2018 most market potential product launch conference, the 'design new force' school-enterprise matchmaking meeting, etc. were launched to help exhibitors realize Diversified income, promote business leap-forward improvement! Obvious benefits from omni-channel marketing: CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair has accumulated rich media resources and marketing experience, and continuously integrates online and offline channels throughout the year, including: outdoor, industry websites, magazines, search engine advertising, press releases, and email , SMS, telephone marketing and trade show promotion, and plan buyer incentives, VIP buyer targeted service plans, etc., to attract high-quality buyers to the scene. Exhibits: Car safety seats and accessories, baby rides, strollers and accessories, child feeding supplies, toiletries, educational supplies, clothing for pregnant and infants, baby furniture and home textiles, infant supplies, protective equipment And accessories, baby food and health products. Fees: Standard booth: 1,400 yuan/square meter, minimum 12 square meters; raw space: 1,200 yuan/square meter, minimum 36 square meters; exhibitor registration fee: 2,000 yuan; Discount: Association members, star customers enjoy discounts, discount period 2017 Before May 31 of the year. Contact: Booth reservation consultation: Ms. Wang Junyang Tel: 010-66038881-247 New product procurement consultation: Mr. Li Zhen Tel: 010-66038881-228 Official website: www.china-kids-expo.com
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