2017 China ( Guizhou) International folk arts and crafts fair opened in kaili

by:Ennas      2021-08-19
On November 17, 2017 China ( Guizhou) International folk arts and crafts fair and China & middot; The silver embroidery exposition (Carey Hereinafter referred to as & other; Folk craft fair & throughout; ) Kaili city in guizhou miao and dong autonomous county. Folk craft fair for four days, a total of 410 enterprises from home and abroad, the silver, embroidery, folk arts and crafts such as more than hundreds kinds of 10 exhibits. National culture has a long history in guizhou miao and dong autonomous county, with silver, embroidery and wax printing to represent the province folk handicraft has a high reputation both at home and abroad, has awarded by China association of arts and crafts of miao nationality costumes, China dong clothing city, the hometown of the miao embroidery and the hometown of miao silver. Expo since 2012, has been successfully held five consecutive terms, by driving, policy support, protection and inheritance of cultural tourism innovation and development, represented by silver, embroidery tradition of national handicraft industry develop rapidly. According to statistics, at present the state engaged in travel products processing and sales of more than 20, ten thousand people, more than 4000 arts and crafts, folk arts and crafts processing workshop more than 20000, arts and crafts industry output value of about 2. 5 billion yuan. At the same time, along with the mass of different national cultural identity of the product and the change of consumption idea, miao, dong, water and other embroidery handicraft wide prospect of market, make the silver embroidery from traditional folk decoration gradually into the passengers favour of tourism commodity, strongly promoted the rapid and sound development of cultural tourism industry. The exposition to set up the main venue and the venue, the main venue in kaili miao dong garden exhibition center, has 243 booths which space-unit 43, 198 standard booths ( In 134, the pavilion pavilion, 64) 。 Venue in kaili all Internet and national cultural creative industrial park industrial park and kelly. Main hall four big theme zone: & other; Colorful world area throughout the &; Main show abroad handicrafts is pithy, & other; Jinxiu throughout greater China &; Main Chinese folk handicrafts, especially the famous traditional Chinese embroidery embroidery, hunan embroidery, shu embroidery, etc. , & other; Colorful guizhou area throughout the &; Show guizhou folk handicrafts, and other Throughout the province area &; Main show xiasi colorful features silver embroidery and other crafts. Pavilion exhibition center square outside the special local product and miao dong food area booths 54, mainly displays in qiandongnan from domestic famous native products and famous snacks. It is understood that the exposition to & other; Carry forward the spirit, build national brand & throughout; As the theme, there are 410 exhibitors, including overseas exhibitors 11 of domestic enterprises by 399. Domestic numerous well-known silver, embroidery, handicrafts manufacturing brand enterprises, and including Chinese traditional embroidery, more than 100 kinds of more than 10 items. Wide variety, excellent domestic and international folk arts and crafts, silver embroidery products, and from all over the country folk craftsmen, embroidered niang, all exhibit the beauty of the national culture of the native and national folk craft of the charm. This is a fingertip art event, a feast of folk craftsmanship, an international photograph reflect national culture of the big stage, but also a for province folk handicraft appeared, power xiasi crucial for poverty alleviation trade fair.
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